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how it ends, how it begins
May 28, 2009, 2:18 pm
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lazy dogs. they were worn out yesterday after chasing imaginary cats, romping, fetching, agility.

sleepypiclounging on the couch, wondering what the hell you’re  doing up so late.

sleepybearsnuggled up, butt to butt.

sleepypawtotally relaxed.

sleepypaw1that’s how the day ends.

it begins with alarm going off, eyes opening.  border collie staring at your face.  without lifting head from pillow….you begin throwing a tennis ball from the bedroom to the kitchen.  on the other side of the bed the bear dog is sitting on the floor…staring.  you end your game of fetch and invite the bear up.  he rolls around, snuggles up tight and gets a good five minutes of cuddling and kisses, then he’s out the door to start chasing more imaginary cats.  meanwhile, your cat lays down on your blackberry, the alarm clock on the bed, and accidentally dials your boss.

and so life goes…

grillin’ and waggin’ and snappin’ and such!
May 26, 2009, 6:10 am
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’twas a rich week.  full.  a full and rich week.

to recap:

zero dollars were spent on emergency veterinary care.  (and the angels sang)

my refrigerator died and sits dead.  food tossed away. coolers full of ice, berries, juice and dog food. (and the raspberries mourned)

buzzy has a masters and we all managed to survive her grad party.  a grad party, mind you, that was worthy of a reality television film crew. (and the bbq coals blazed)

the bearone near miss with a rattlesnake. (again…the angels rejoiced)

goodbear self diagnoses either water in the ear or a brain tumor.  (and the insurance deductible looms)

busy with photography, but that’s the best kind of busy. (tails are wagging!)

week predictions….

this week will be busy and kind of sucky at work, but saturday will be creative during the day and adventurous and sexy fun at night.


what operating system do you dream in?
May 13, 2009, 4:52 am
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i consider myself a good dreamer.  i do.  my dreams are often very colorful, with intricate plots and intriguing characters.  i wake up remembering them and recall them frequently throughout the day.

but i don’t remember many details of the storyline of my most recent dream because a new element came into my dreams last night.

you see, last night my dream kept being interrupted by a windows applet.  the dream would be playing out, then a grey box would pop up and i would hit “ok” and the dream would continue.

i need a vacation.

and here are the doglets, not looking ready for bed at all!


friday was rated “r” due to adult language…and pickles works on her xmas list
March 28, 2009, 3:25 pm
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friday, 7:27 am
phone rings
d: “hey goodbear…are you bringing pickles to day care?”
gb: “oh sssshhhit!”

and thus began my day.

work was a mess. i must have dropped the f-bomb 50 times by 9:30. friday’s are usually cake, but we were slammed. then around 3….dead quiet. i tiptoed out 30 minutes early to go pick up pickles from day care and get home in time to watch the cats get clobbered through the static on my television. must get converter box today.

pickles had fun at day care….eventually. at first she just watched everyone play and clung to d. but then she got her sea paws and tried some romping. she gets intimidated if too many dogs are playing rough at once.


once i got there, she decided to parade all of the cool new toys in front of me.  “look at THIS one!”

“ooh. nice toy pickles.”

“look at THIS one.”

“sweetie, that’s just a tennis ball, we have those at home.”

dcbellahere she is with her new friend bella, a labradoodle in need of a good brushing.  bella and pickles were destined to be friends:  it’s march and they’re both still wearing christmas collars.

now it is time to start cleaning and packing, then shopping for supplies for trip and for the pets while i’m gone.  and a hair cut at 1.  and finish a web project for a client.  it is such a beautiful day, i wish i could just take the dogs to the wash.  oh well.  cleaning is JUST as fun…(choke)

my new lcd barrier protects me from all harm….
March 26, 2009, 7:53 pm
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the pc fairy visited me while i was on work errands.  i got a new computer and two new 19″ lcd panels.  overkill? perhaps.  my last pc was….(ooh, the words i could choose are offensive.)…we’ll just say bad. it was bad.

it was on its side on the floor, open with a power supply that didn’t fit in the case.  i kept putting my foot in it.  dropping the sesame seeds from my bagels in there.  nice. 

now i’m big time here behind my lcd fortress.  all the rays from the monitors are blinding. 

quiz: how many pictures of dogs are in this picture???

is that….elk? and a word about underdogs.
March 24, 2009, 2:06 am
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elkthe elk in a moment.  but first….underdogs.

underdog #1…tahlia.  checkers and gina know what i mean.  wink wink.

underdog #2. wildcats.  even more so, russ pennell.  it’s hard to fill the shoes of an iconic coach.  an iconic coach that i, for one, am glad has moved on.

underdog #3.  you.  GO FOR IT!

now the elk.  i have yet another dog trainer friend, j.  at pet fairs he baits the ground in front of his table so when people try to walk by the dogs go, “wait wait…we want to stop here!”  the the folks walk on over and the rest, my friends, is history.

so at work saturday he tossed some game in front of ye old dog photographer’s work space.  but…nothin.  hey!….i guess i’m the underdog!

the paw to jammie kick
March 21, 2009, 1:47 pm
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one quick post before i head off on my big day.

d.s. is coming by to take care of the dogs while i’m gone.  i’ll be back around 3.  the alarm clock went off at 5:30 and the dogs REFUSED to hear it.  “we’re not getting up,”  they said. “you can rub our bellies if you want, but don’t expect any signs of life from us this early.

so now i am rushing to get ready, but….i needed to throw this picture up, just so you can all see why it is so hard for me to leave this morning….

kickyes, i would much rather be home with this silly cody bear and his side kick, pickles. oh well.

hope you all have a great saturday.  let me know what you did!