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typical day, i suppose
February 29, 2008, 2:30 pm
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 this sums it up for daily life:


cat sleeping


dog playing

me, well, i’m leaving for work.  i got out of work early yesterday and i bet i will today, too.  that way i can either join the cat with a nap, or play tug with cody bear!

why sleepy at the office tomorrow? dogs or the vine?
February 29, 2008, 6:33 am
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 to find out why we’re so tired, you can catch cody bear’s blog later.  but, to sum it up…agility drained us emotionally and made us both unfashionably hungry.  here is a shot of cody bear, post agility class:


“please mommy, put more kibble in my molecuball.” oh, and here’s a bottle of wine…we’ll get to that…


but first, the dog.  alot of people take agility class to exercise their dogs.  i have to exercise my dog before and after agility class.   that’s fine, we love it, but….i’m super tired.

back to the wine….and how it relates to agility class.  so,….there was a dog fight tonight, cody bear was NOT involved. we were in a separate area, fortunately.  if there hadn’t been a fence dividing us, i know he would have pounced.  it taxed my nerves. so, maybe a person thinks they NEED a taste of the grape after that….

as it just so happens, last night i was shopping and i popped across that dog tail fire hydrant red!  so, needing a tibble after a spastic class of more unruly dogs and “missy comes” i popped open that screw top.  it was really tasty. so much better than the washington state merlot i chanced a few days ago.  muffled the raw dog nerve a bit, too. and of course the label is cute.

ok, if you’re interested in cody bear’s agility class: 

bringing in the kibble!
February 27, 2008, 4:29 pm
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i have been carrying a 30 lb. bag of wellness dog food in the trunk of my car for about a week now. i kept forgetting it was there, but this morning the kibble bin was nothing but crumbs. cody bear waits patiently by the front security door. i have told him to wait, then i close it, but don’t latch it.

as i carry the kibble in, i tell him to “open”. he timidly nudges at first, …


then, once he gets his head through, he puts his shoulders into it….


once he opens the door, he realizes i’m carrying his breakfast and immediately goes back inside. i loaded up his molecuball, left for work while he crunched away. now he is probably sitting on his day bad, watching the cats and birds through his window. it is good to be a dog.

regarding the plant:

that is some type of sedum. its flowering and i think i will take a couple cuttings from it. as you can see by the root action sprouting from the bottom, that plant is looking for more out of life than just one terra cotta pot!

how the day played out (the dog and i abide)
February 27, 2008, 6:17 am
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it was a long day.  not bad, just long.  probably the most exciting thing was seeing the 5 foot long red tail boa out my window at work.  the most comforting thing?   the 10 minutes after the alarm clock went off this morning.  i hit the snooze button, the cat starts purring and the dog snuggles up tighter.

so here’s tuesday’s recap:

cat trying to get me to stop working:


snake arrives on the scene at work:


the dog after a walk, trying to trick me into walking him AGAIN:


and self portrait:


perhaps we’ll round it off with another recent graduate from my pet therapy class:


i left out a minor vehicular sorrow, but you have heard enough of that.  the only difference: it was the work vehicle this time.  and….it only cost me 1.99.  why, when my car dies its 1000.00, but the work truck….1.99?  oh well.

friends…who like grapes
February 27, 2008, 3:24 am
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as i mentioned a couple days ago, vacation in so called”wine country” wasn’t what i expected.


we show up at this winery, the one with the old car, and it just….was weird.

the guy ignored us when we walked in.(for quite sometime. we almost walked out)  they had portas, and …when i asked which wine went well with chocolate…he produced a piece of candy, told me i had to split it between the 3 of us and then cut it with a pocket knife.

the place was a wreck! i’ve wanted to do a wine tour for so long, and this place, well….it sucked. messy place, jerky guy. the next two wineries had nice people and one was very pretty. but ultimately, it was still heaps of fun…because i was with people i love.

needs stimulation?
February 27, 2008, 12:02 am
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poor neglected cody bear!  with all my travels, work and goofing off, he’s been kind of mopey.

2 days till agility, but i have to spoil him somehow before that.  he can’t wait two days to have raucous good fun.


i think that’s why he got in the garbage.  i wish i could let him romp in the snow with checkers!

she’s a fine snake…and it’s time for a break anyway.
February 26, 2008, 11:48 pm
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i was looking out the second story window at work today,….just working. and all of a sudden i see a 5 foot snake slithering below the window. then i notice the guy.


i run down the stairs, jumping down the last few and grab my powershot. it was so cool. i got to pet the snake. she is a brazilian red-tail boa. i THINK that’s what he said.  he was just out…giving her some exercise.  apparently she was a rescue pet.  abandoned in someone’s basement.

it totally made my day, seeing that snake. i only wish i had thought to take flat stanley’s picture with it!

she was a fine snake.