cody bear's friends

February 27, 2010, 4:47 pm
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“thanks mom”

“breakfast was delicious”


nose hair
April 18, 2009, 9:08 pm
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nose-hairpoor pickles has cody bear’s dog hair stuck on her nose.  she looks pretty pissed about it, too.

take your pickles to work day
March 2, 2009, 4:33 am
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i usually take cody bear to class with me on sundays,  but today i took pickles.  the class has been hearing about her for weeks, and cody bear is so good at the regime….i thought, “let’s bring the schmickle…a puppy.”  testing is next week and they could see that even a newbie can rock it.  workpicky21and rock it she did!

it’s hard for a puppy to be so well behaved for 2.5 hours, but she was so good.  and when it was time to do the demos even i was impressed!  how did i get so lucky?

after the students left, pickles worked the room with the staff during clean up.

on one paw, it’s good to know she has people who love her…but on the other paw….it’s strange that people are wishing for my demise so they can have my puppy!

but …. the mini-muffin is tired…


this morning’s nature trek  was invigorating, but behaving so well AND working a crowd have worn out my tiny border collie.

and you should know…a couple students did think it was weird not having the bear there!  it was nice of them to say so.  and he was jealous.  he was a little more domineering than usual this evening.  but when all was said and done…they fell asleep leaning on each other tonight.  again, i ask, “how did i get so lucky!?”

does your dog or cat have what it takes to be a pet therapy animal? have you considered it?

if so….let’s chat!

it’s an important job.  people get to  see that pets are a healing part of the community, not just property.

manipulating the youngster….
July 24, 2008, 7:01 pm
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you know how sometimes there’s an older dog, one whose been in the house for a while, and then a puppy comes in and kind of takes over part of the territory?  and by territory….i mean the space directly surrounding the person in the house. me.

and you know how sometimes the older dog will get angry when said puppy is curled up on the person’s lap or in a place beside her legs typically reserved for the older dog?  and sometimes the angry older dog will snap at the puppy, or growl, or show the teeth?

well here’s what cody bear does.  pickles comes and lays down in cody bears spot on the floor between my knees. this is the spot he lays when i brush his fur, or brush his teeth, or just pet him.  so, he gets up from where he’s laying and he starts looking around.  he sniffs all the toys, finds the most enticing one, walks up to me…and pickles…drops the toy on the outside of my legs, the puppy gets up instantly, gets the toy, shakes it, trots over to doggie bed for a good chew and…without batting an eye, cody bear climbs into his spot, lays head down on my knee and goes to sleep.

now, i’m not being anthropomorphic. i’m not making shit up.  the dog is smart.  and he suspects snapping at the puppy will get him in trouble.

we’re still working out the family dynamic.  some days he likes pickles…some days…not so much.

muzzle rocks
July 20, 2008, 1:50 am
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look closely at this picture…

specifically the shadow.  cody bear’s shadow head has a rock muzzle.  there is a goofy shaped rock right where his smile would be!

he’s cute.

his shadow is cute.

not really a morning dog
June 16, 2008, 2:23 pm
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when cody bear is awake,…he’s reallllly awake.  but when the alarm goes off, he doesn’t move.  he waits to see if we’re applying the snooze button!

good morning cody bear!

but once his paws hit the floor, he’s ready for the day!

this morning his mission was barking at the weird neighbor who was standing on his roof looking into the yard.  good job cody bear!

i see you baby dog, and i know you’re hungry…
May 20, 2008, 11:02 pm
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so this morning, again, cody bear had given up on me. he was so sure i was going to leave for work without feeding him.

resting in a patch of sunlight, with hardly enough strength to wag.  he was whithering away to nothing and was without hope.  “she won’t remember to put kibble in the molecuball.  she doesn’t even know i’m here.”

“what’s this?….she’s taking my pictures?….she knows i’m here and certainly she will feed me!”

“after all, if i die, ….who will she photograph obsessively?”

at last, breakfast arrived.  i sat his breakfast molecuball down on the floor, grabbed my gear and left for work.  poor hungry bear….

cody bear prerecorded
May 2, 2008, 11:22 pm
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a glimpse…..

….of what cody bear is like after just waking up from a nap.

pretty mutt,…cute dog butt
January 7, 2008, 12:18 am
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disclaimer: the third picture is meant for a mature audience, so no beavis and butthead laughs. (i’ll explain when we get to that photo.)

first of all, here is my very pretty dog. he has some aussie and some chow in there. (we get his canine dna retest results in 6 weeks…i’ll keep you posted)


yes, he IS quite lovely. and in case you haven’t noticed, i love him tons and tons.

here he is again, being his happy self:


and….here’s his butt:


he has little furry gaucho pants! how cute is that!? anyway, this picture was meant for my sister, as she ADORES dogs with gaucho pants. if you think its in poor taste…i’m sorry….

….but he’s just so cute and fluffy!

military dog retires with family
December 27, 2007, 5:46 am
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on a serious note:

i hope everyone searching for dog entries on the blog will check out that article on cnn.  the key points for me were:

1. the dog’s devotion to its fallen partner

2. the marine’s family’s devotion to the surviving dog

3. the father’s hope that taking the dog, lex, in will help the younger children develop a bond with animals.

while i am a fan of peace and quite scared of war, i will say that hearing the tales of bravery of these dogs in iraq do not surprise me.  it is my hope that people who don’t already love dogs will see that they are thoughtful, devoted, intelligent and amazing members of our community.

please share any articles/links you may have that illustrate dogs’ beneficial roles in society with me, from pet therapy, to police dogs. from mold sniffers to tricksters to athletes.

have a good life with your new family lex!