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May 11, 2010, 4:53 am
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my computer has a bug….


i was watching netflix on the laptop while working on the pc.  turn my head and saw that little plant bug.    cute, right.?


not quite a tempurpedic!
June 24, 2009, 5:44 am
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i don’t bungee jump.

or jump out of planes.  i won’t even leave home without my driver’s license and at least 2 mobile phones.

my antithesis: the pentatomid.

he’s hard core, y’all.  he sleeps with his legs clasping a cholla spine, it’s point aimed directly at his abdomen.

xgames pentatomidthat’s Xtreme stinkbug action, people!

for a better shot of this wild and crazy balls to the wall, …click here.

teeny buggies, big excuses….
June 3, 2009, 5:38 am
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i know what you’re thinking!  you’re all like, “hey goodbear, it’s june already.  where are all the creepy, adorable and intriguing insect shots you usually post in spring and summer months?”

well i’m so glad you asked.  the answer has many parts:  1.  i’ve been busy…and one thing i was busy with is buzzybeegirl‘s masters achievement!  congrats buzzy!  she’s going to update you all soon. 2.  i’ve started a new nature blog and have been posting my sexier insect shots there.  and trust me…i literally mean sexy. 3. well….actually you don’t need all the reasons you just want to see the critters.


ok,  critter number one…a beetle:

minicooperi can’t tell you yet what kind of beetle he is, since there are more beetle species than there are excuses for not blogging on time.  many, many more.  but buzzy is going to check it out, and maybe some of our entomology friends will chime in, too.  i think he’s a teensy scarab guy…but i’m delirious with thurst, so what do i know?

next, we have the assassin bug and his little aphid friend. (buzzy…is that an aphid? i don’t freakin’ know.  it’s smaller than my confidence of identifying buggie.)

miniaphidfriendi know…the pictures suck.  it was dark…windy…and the minibuggies were small!

if you get a minute, please send congrats to buzzy, who coasted through her defense.  let us clarify…the reason she coasted through the actual defense is because she worked her ass off for years.  the day of the defense was a forgone conclusion.  she was cool, confident, and she rocked it.  the committee meeting was almost a mere formality…but only because she worked so hard on her research and had such a great project and a few people who were devoted to supporting her.

so yay buzzy. and yay mini beetle.

on pins and needles….and pins
May 21, 2009, 7:12 am
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buzzybeegirl gave a stellar defense of her masters thesis today.  and while we KNEW she would pass the interview with her committee, we were still anxious with how long it was taking.

APPARENTLY she was coasting through the q & a while we were sweating it out in the courtyard.  her dear hubby dancing bee helped us kill time by getting permission from the currator to take us on an intimate tour of the insect collection!!!

annabeetlessee?  they have pins.


and those were goodbear’s favorite bees!

annanutsybeetleswhat the?  those legs are too long, ya freak show!

annasbfliesoh…now…those are pretty.


don’t be SCARubED…they’re just beetles!

annasmoneymothso we loved the insect trays, then we found out buzzy got her masters. in the meantime…i ruined my new white shirt by spilling coffee TWICE! (dork) and…i used the rest of my day to get some ADORABLE dog photos i will show you on dogdaily photo soon!

ma’am….i’m going to have to commandeer your macro!
March 2, 2009, 7:29 pm
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7 to 10 business days ago m and i had a serious discussion about her purchasing a macro.  she was going to buy it and i could borrow it every now and then.

well it’s here!  we went outside and couldn’t find one live bug.  i found this, though:

waspnestm took that shot.

here’s my shot:

deadflywe could only find a dead fly and a dead ant.  cool!!! i want one so badly!!!  a macro…not a dead fly.

i told her she should shoot her next wedding entirely with the macro.  ha ha.  that cracks me up everytime.  (geek, i know)  the whole ceremony she would be standing with her lens inches from the subjects!  man, i’m making myself laugh.

do you guys want to chip in and buy me a macro?  i still have to pay off my 20d and my flash.  sheesh.

oh, ummm, i should be working now. gotta go!

wrangling grasshoppers!
November 17, 2008, 1:27 pm
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so, yeah, pickles has always loved insects.  at the farm on saturday, she suddenly got very serious when she found the scads of grasshoppers hanging out on the greenhouse walls.

organge grasshopper

organge grasshopper

she’d get right up to them, nudge them with her nose.  shove ’em along.  but then one of the would jump up and out and she would spring back.


black grasshopper

when she saw the chickens, she ran right up to them in their little fenced area.  i thought, oh no…here comes the barking.  but she was fine.  no barking. and when i called her, she came right over, wagging.


i suspect if they had been out and scurrying around, it would have been another story….

it’s really real and it’s really pretty!
October 1, 2008, 3:52 pm
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hi everyone!  if you want to see the coolest insect EVER, click here!

my friend buzzybeegirl found it the other day.  even though she is an entomologist, she did NOT put a pin in it for her collection.  she let it go.

i just think it is amazing something like this really exists in nature.  please check it out.  it’s so amazing…that even my mother thought it was interesting….and she is not easily impressed.

have a nice day all!

’twas a sunday…
September 22, 2008, 2:42 pm
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sunday was very busy for all of us here at casa de cody bear!

at 7:30 pickles had puppy socialization time at the training center.

from 10 to 12 i took both dogs to “control unleashed class” (more details on THAT soon!)

there are 10 dogs in the class and each dog goes one at a time so the kiddos spend alot of time in their crates.  but they did so well!  no complaints from them.

then had to take cody bear to the dog wash for some play time….and a bath. he has a pet therapy gig this week so he needs to be extra clean and fluffy.

then off to r. and a.h.’s to photograph some puppies….and this amaranth…

and this leaf legged bug…

then off to the cemetery to take photographs for the animal’s photography class.

then grocery shopping.  i didn’t get to sleep till 1:30 and i’m exhausted! time to get ready for work….

long legged…skinny. must be one of the sexier bugs?
September 22, 2008, 7:36 am
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oooh.  rare sighting!  i give snaps to my co-volunteer l. for spotting this very special critter.

1. they’re hard to see. 2. there aren’t scads of them swarming about like bees.

cool thing about this guy: when l. found him she said that they were black in the midwest, where she’s from.   wow….they’re reddish where i come form and they’re a dusty brown here.  what wondrous variety.

so the bunch of us got to chatting about walking stick behavior.  here’s the cool thing someone mentioned…when the wind picks up and the tree sways…the walking stick insect feigns a sway as well.

so check it: the bug is like, “dude, the tree is swaying….i have to sway to look like a tree….if i don’t sway…well, then i’ll look like a bug on a tree.”

please note: i’m NOT scared of these bugs.  bugs i am not scared of:  walking sticks, bees, praying mantis, cactus beetles, leaf legged bugs, lady bugs, scarabs, moths, butterflies, dragonflies.

insects that make me uncomfortable, but that i respect:  ants, grasshoppers, millipedes, caterpillars, flies,

insects that scare me, yo!:  earwigs, fleas, ticks, centipedes, roaches and the like, spiders (ack!) mosquitos, termites, wasps, crickets!

loudest garden guest yet!
September 15, 2008, 3:38 am
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horse lubber grasshopper!

horse lubber grasshopper!

i never would have even known this 3 inch g-hopper was in my yard if he hadn’t been clackin’ away at me with his loud wings!  he was about 2 feet over my head in a tree outside my back yard.

peeps….he was soooo looouuuddd….!

and p.s. the underside of his wings?  pinkity pink pink!