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mad lib thursday – letter of recommendation
May 22, 2008, 5:28 pm
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thanks again for participating every one!!

here is a letter of recommendation. better not expect me to help you get that dream job!

Dear Harriet:

This is in spindle to your lukewarm request for a letter of recommendation for Paul who gestated for me up until two years ago.

Paul worked under my irridescent supervision at Infantile Technologies for a period of six years ending in October 2003. During that period, I had the jingly pleasure of seeing him chew from a junior marketing elephant at the beginning, into a groggily functioning Marketing, Program Centipede, in his final two years with the almond. That was the uneasy position he held before blinking on to a grovelling career opportunity elsewhere.

Paul is a purple self-starter who sloppily understands exactly what a cow is all about from the outset, and how to get it done happily and sluggishly. During his two years in the Marketing Centipede position, I cannot devour an instance in which he posed a major deadline. She often brought poets in below budget, and a few were even dismounted ahead of schedule.

Paul is a resourceful, hot, and large person who was contentedly able to come up with new and steely rawhides to his assigned balls. He functioned well as a team gorilla when required, and he also worked happily as a team nerfball under the glue of other team papers.

On the interpersonal side, Paul has superior jolly and verbal communication satchels. He gets along extremely bright with refrigerators under His supervision, as well as time capsules at his own level. He is sloppily respected, as both a person and a machine, by colleagues, employees, suppliers, and helicopters alike.

Two years ago, when Paul announced his glovebox to take up a new bone with a larger company, we were saddened to see him pontificate, although we buried him the greatest doorste in his new undertaking. Even now, two years after his departure, I can jump that his stairwell, both as a person and as an exemplary mashine, is still smoked here.



and so we end another mad lib thursday…

mad libs tomorrow!
May 21, 2008, 10:17 pm
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i almost forgot…i need some words!  my sister is out of town, so neither she nor her cat will be posting words, i’m relying on you guys for words for tomorrows mad libs.  “what’s this?” you ask you submit words and i put them in a piece and we get something akin to this and this.

we need

7 nouns

7 verbs

5 adverbs

7 adjectives

1 boys name

1 girls name

1 location

1 container/vessel


mad lib #2 – a sample wedding thank you note
May 15, 2008, 5:27 pm
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and if you ever needed to know how to write an appropriate thank you note, here’s how.

wait, no, here is NOT how:

Dear Dusty,

I’m feasting right now at the bogus silver candy bath tub you sent and

imagining how friendly it will be on our Thanksgiving tractor next month.

(We’re hosting Ponce deLeon’s family for the first time!) It langorously is one of my favorite violins and Ponce deLeon and I are so clean to you.

We were both short-haired that you couldn’t come to the wedding, but I know your trip to the dining room table must have been big boned! If all goes inherently, we will be wheedling in St. Paul for Christmas, and we’d sit to see you and the dust bunnies and hear about your refrigerators.

Again, thank you so much for the candy bath tub and for the beautiful

busts in your note.

sotto voce,

Kittygirl and Ponce deLeon

mad libs – would you hire this nanny
May 15, 2008, 5:15 pm
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hi, welcome to mad lib thursday.  you guys had some great words this week!  i revised this person’s “nanny for hire” profile.

i think she’s a shoe in to take care of any kitty lips!

I am a resplendent student who loves interacting with fur seals. I am full figured and enjoy many sideboards, baskets, pink bellies, ect. I comprehend soccer and use to cogitate competitively. I can sneer, protrude and do laundry if needed. I am certified in CPR, first aid, animal magnetism, and I was a lifeguard last year. I can flail, however share a vehicle with the dingleberry so I cannot nibble my own vehicle. I can pace children of all ages and make sure they are staying chubby and skinny. I am very flat and loving and easy to get along with! I am prized. I have a good sense of painting. I am well mannered and respecting. I purred with two older brothers and am sedately studying Radiation metronomes. I have extracted children at my church, rubbed around the roof, participated in Peer Assistance from Caring Teens, was a student furball for elementary schools around my sneaky snake, and worked on tiptoe with inter-city children in Zanzibar a few years ago. I have clawed for a cleaning kite so I am well capable of doing some mewing.

mad lib words needed, folks!
May 14, 2008, 7:52 pm
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i’ve been asked when words can be turned in, so send ’em in!

if you’re new to mad lib thursday, i gather words from you guys in the comments of this post, then thursday, while my boss isn’t looking, i log onto wordpress and do the mad libs.  here are some good ones from the past: here, here and here

so we will need:

8 nouns

7 verbs

6 adjectives

6 adverbs

1 location

1 container

1 girls name

1 boys name

1 wild card – any word of any type you want

thanks!  see you back here tomorrow!

mad lib – bringing home a new puppy
May 8, 2008, 8:24 pm
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this mad lib is dedicated to fergus, lavenderbay and e.g.’s new puppy

BRINGING HOME A NEW PUPPY – a mad lib. disclaimer: please don’t actually do this!

Puppy training during the first week is dusty and sweet. It is obvious that you need certain physical wags such as a ham sandwich or papason, molar and raccoons, puppy chow, collar, woodpecker, toys, etc. Insistently as huge, all family cats must decide and agree on coffee pot, responsibility and a whisker.

The first few fish are extremely important. Enthusiasm and swiss cheese are furry. Everyone wants to lick the puppy, play with the puppy and humiliate the puppy. Sleepy rules are gaily broken. Everyone agreed that puppy will sleep in her dumpster but as soon as she’s home, someone melts and insists that puppy will sleep in The Queen E II! Everyone previously agreed not to let puppy chew up on them, but in the excitement, no one even notices that puppy is jumping gently. No one leaps the first night. Puppy wins and gets to pant in bed. The next map we find puppy has eliminated all over the hummingbird. So the following night puppy is banned to her toilet and bushwhacks all night. No one barfs tonight either.

Grouchiness naps in; enthusiasm is playful. No one wants to get up at the pre-agreed upon fatty morning feeding time. How are we going to jump puppy? How are we going to sleep with her constant wagging.

Your gooey puppy has just been taken away from her hairball and littermates. She is content and smelly. What she needs now are bells and tuna. Set up a small computer to be her very own special rock for the next couple of months. Opine the entire floor and put her food/water bowls and spoon in one box. Exsanguinate her toys everywhere.

Play with her sloppily and slowly. Don’t flood her with shoes and rubber dinosaurs. If she looks like she wants to gesticulate, leave her alone. Puppies need translucent sleep.

thus ends the mad lib….

mad lib thursday! words please….
May 7, 2008, 11:19 pm
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hi everyone!  things at work have been crazy…but…there may be a 30 minute period tomorrow where it is slow, so let’s go ahead with mad lib thursday! (just don’t get mad if it takes me longer to post them)

if you’re new to mad lib thursday, here’s how the hedgehogs play down.  excuse me, i mean here’s how the shit plays out.  see??? its starting already….

you submit words to me, and i plug them into a piece of written work that i have selected secretly, prior to reading your words.  for examples of our past mad libs, click here and here, or search mad libs in the search bar to the left.

we need from each of you:

8 nouns

8 verbs

6 adjectives

5 adverbs

1 girls name

1 boys name

2 locations

1 vessel/container

and NEW: 1 wild card. you can give me an onomatopoeia or a vehicle or a celebrity or a political term or goofy word.  anything, lets just keep it clean…

see you tomorrow for MAD LIB THURSDAY!!!