cody bear's friends

April 8, 2010, 9:51 pm
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a kiss upon greeting….


git along little doggie
March 18, 2010, 4:11 pm
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so, last night pickles had agility. i can’t think of a better way to celebrate st. patrick’s day than to spend it with your celtic dog…

anyway, our class is at a horse arena.  something was different this week. 

that’s some scary agility equipment!

then the teacher yells, “put pickles on it!”

now…you KNOW i was already considering it!

oh pickles…you’re such a good sport.

a visit from the agility fairy?
October 12, 2009, 6:25 am
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we left, and when we got back home THIS was in the backyard…


the muffins were so excited they went to jump through it at the same time.  fortunately they are smartskies and aborted before they jumped and got stuck in there together.

“may i?”

“certainly cody bear. i insist.”

“why thank you.”

powered by…banana boat
September 23, 2009, 7:14 am
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let me just preface by saying…we had agility tonight…and damn pickles was fast…faster than EVER!

11 hours ago:

i came home for lunch, like i usually do.  the dogs and i jumped on the couch for our greet, like we usually do.  something wasn’t right.

pickles armpits.   they were…wet.  they were….creamy.

what was that smell?


sun yum“mmm. i’ve been busy while you were at work.”

border collie puppies!  in their chewing stage, no less!

4 hours ago….agility class:

our first run.  i’m winded. doesn’t make sense. . . . i’ve been working out.

t says, “wow, pickles is moving faster than those agilty dogs at the trials. like lightening.”

it was true.  about 3 weeks ago i had resigned to having the worlds slowest border collie. tonight she was burning up the agility course.  apparently the lubricated doggie armpits are the key!

of course, she’s sacked out now…

sun restnot only was she fast…she was infallible.

one hour ago….

“but, is she ok?”

sun whatno worries cody bear.  in 6 hours she will be recharged and ready to romp with you in the back yard.

apparently we’re recharged for agility.  all three of us were fading out, but…maybe we’re back?

30 minutes ago…

“it’s on!!!”

sun playwelcome back pickles….

“where’s me big brootha?”
June 17, 2009, 2:28 pm
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tuesday is agility day for cody bear.  that means the girls are left home alone.

catlooks peaceful, doesn’t it?

but in reality, here’s what it sounds like when i leave with cody bear.


pickles gets so pissed that cody bear gets to leave and she has to stay home.  as soon as we leave, spree the cat goes to sleep in the bedroom, leaving the dog to her temper tantrum.

cody bear did great at agility last night!  he slows down in the tunnels though.  i don’t know how bigger dogs whip through those tunnels.  he’s tall and has to crouch down  a lot, but i have seen much bigger dogs do them.

anyway. off to work.


play…and play fast
May 10, 2009, 7:11 am
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“wait…who’s coming?  a bunch of border collies?”

bcs1here’s what a bunch of border collies at a meetup  looks like at first:

bcsblurbut once your eyes get used to the rapid movement:

bc2once all the dogs got there pickles was a little intimidated by everyone.  she did well one on one, but she was by far the youngest.

bcs3i’m pretty convinced that if stilllife sees this…she’s going to want to fly back to the states to abscond with this dog, jack:



border collies and a variety of bouncing balls.  here’s one more pic:  border collies romping

portuguese water dog pictures…cuz we’re all curious about the “first pup”

the dog world is buzzing.  this week the obama’s are expected to announce the newest member of their family, a new portuguese water dog.

many people are searching for pix of this breed, so i have taken some from my other blog and posted them here.  (but  remember, i took these photos so they are the property of digitalmuzzle and you can’t have them.)

so, here are two of my friends, buccaneer and timbuktu.


pwd2they belong to my friends kathy and frank.  they are two of the nicest dogs i’ve ever met.  they are VERY active and intellegent dogs.   they are also very affectionate and social.  very happy dogs.  they like people and other dogs.


because they are very athletic and intelligent, they need a great deal of exercise.  giving your pwd a good workout or two every day will make them happy and will make you happy in turn.


these two dogs are extremely playful.  the breed does well in dock sports, swimming, agility and obedience.


pwd6for more information on these great dogs visit here:

and here:

cute….and wiggly
March 20, 2009, 12:56 am
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other than frogs for appetizers, you haven’t heard any agility updates!

here’s pickles practicing her weave poles tonight after the vet:

he ate a frog.
March 18, 2009, 5:17 am
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that sums it up.

cody bear ate a frog.

it was 5 minutes before agility class began.  we were just standing there in the parking lot.  just standing there.

pounce.  right on something just a foot away.

(omitting nasty details)

he seems fine.  great actually.  he hasn’t stopped smiling.  he did well at agility, but he was slightly preoccupied with finding more frogs.

that was 2.25 hours ago.  here he is now:

do i have frog in my teeth?

do i have frog in my teeth?

here you can see that he loves me for giving him such an awesome and delicious evening. (gag)

there are so many dangerous things in this town...AND I WANT TO EAT THEM ALLLL!

there are so many dangerous things in this town...AND I WANT TO EAT THEM ALLLL!

oh cody bear.  you’re killing me, you know that?  i love you baby bear, but you are scaring the life right out of me.


please throw this so i can practice my technique.

hey….it fits right in with his grain free diet!

classic rock pickles
March 5, 2009, 5:19 am
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pickles had agility tonight. on the way to class we had the classic rock station on in the honda and  i’m not kidding you when i say…they played “we are the champions!”  picky was stoked!

a confession:  pickles does well in class, as do the other dogs.  it is us…the people, who struggle the most.  we have to remember things and such.  but it’s one of my favorite parts of the week.

and after class…