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woman’s best (fair-weather) friend
January 31, 2008, 8:15 pm
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my last couple days visiting my mom after her surgery….cody bear and i didn’t really have a place to stay. we had to crash with my sister….on the floor.

my sister got the bed. she asked me if i was warm enough. i said, “yes, as long as i have my dog.”

about one hour into it….cody bear decided he was too good for the floor:


he abandoned me for a cushy mattress and he left me all alone with nothing but a camping mattress and some flimsy blankies. TRAITOR!  yep,….i’m on the floor and he’s on the bed.  you can see he can’t even look at me!

…I love you anyway, cody bear.


here’s to pudgy puppy bellies!
January 30, 2008, 11:18 pm
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 here’s an update on maggie, r and a’s new puppy (original maggie post!).  apparently she put on some poundage!


she is a pound puppy they adopted back in november.  she came with kennel cough, which got much worse.  it turned into very serious pneumonia.  she didn’t have enough lung power to cough or sneeze and ended up staying in the dog e.r. for a few days AND having a trache!  poor thing!  but r & a are awesome dog parents and now she is a happy, healthy, loving little munchkin!

you can see her whole family if you click here!

how to remain stealthy on pergo flooring – tip from the dog
January 30, 2008, 7:15 am
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ok, cody bear has learned that, while visiting the grandparents, it is important to remain quiiiiet.  on that note…


to remain silent…but cuddly…keep toenails trimmed and wear your pet tag silencer (found at  this will allow your early-to-bed-early-to-rise dog grandparents  to remain happy and well rested.  the clicks and jingles won’t bounce of the pergo or the tile, insuring future visits!

gratuitous parrotlet blog….just kidding.
January 30, 2008, 6:18 am
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hey! there’s nothing gratuitous about a parrotlet post!

here’s dookie, one of my parents tiny birds:


he is the favorite of their 4 parrotlets. he is my least favorite because he is spoiled and mouthy! penny is my favorite. she is the cuddliest, but missing feathers so … not the cutest.

dookie gets sassy if his parent people are not paying attention to him. also,…you HAVE to share your food or he gets a little beaky (like cheeky) with ya.

congratulations! its a valve!
January 30, 2008, 4:48 am
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 first of all…thanks to all our blog friends for all the supportive messages this past week!  cody bear and i are happy to report that my mom made a strong showing this week with  her new cow valve!!!

here are her feet!


the surgery was very long and the prep was a nightmare due to scheduling and some medicaid issues, BUT…the doc said she did verrry well and her heart is very strong.  i’m super proud of her for having healthy vessels!

aren’t her feet cute? and tiny?  i still can’t get over how small she looked in recover!  but she is right on schedule.  off her breathing tube.  then she was sitting up and chatting. and today she walked, though not joyously.

this procedure hurts, folks!

no one this close to me has ever had such a serious procedure and i have to say….my mom is a tough cookie!   i just lover her so much!

one last note:  her i.c.u. nurses were AWESOME!  (and one of them was a really cute guy)  they were very sweet and really took great care to make sure mom was 1. comfortable 2. healing on time 3. not being hounded by us lookie-lu family members!

cheers to you i.c.u. nurses.  cheers to you heart surgeon.  cheers to you blog friends!

killin’ time…
January 28, 2008, 5:59 am
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rain all day today.  between the gloomy weather and mom’s impending surgery tomorrow, we were all pretty low key. 

not doing much of anything, really.  last night my sister and my mom clobbered me at a game of canasta.  for those of you that don’t know what canasta is, it is a card game where you have to hold wayyyy too many cards and when you lose, you can lose in a super humiliating fashion. 


great fun. 

here’s a honeysuckle in the rain. 


here’s a dog who hasn’t had a walk and can’t chase cats because the back yard is flooding.  is he making you feel bad? is he?


poor cody bear.  he’s being such a trooper!  long stints alone while we’re at the hospital, limited walks, bad weather.  it is a wonder he can wag at all, ….but he does.

got maize?



 meanwhile, (in case you’re wondering) i have spoken to my friend who is taking care of my cat while i’m gone.  my cat, normally aloof, has been waiting for her at the door and showering her with purrs, being playful and very affectionate.  i knew she would be lonely within a day.  she’s used to cody bear being home with her while i’m at work. 

here is a type of hogan, i believe.  i want one in my back yard.  it was very peaceful standing in it.  these photos are also from the botanical garden.


 oooh….an ancient device used to grind maize and such….


 and, since we ARE at a botanical garden, here is a plant.  it is in the pollinator garden section.  i really need help on my closeups! its hard to see if you’re in focus when the sun is so bright.

so, that’s pretty much it for fun.  the rest of the time my sister and i spend here will be mom’s business and health.  my sister is staying 5 more weeks, but i have to be back to work on wednesday.


arborist brain teaser #2, and … an ambulatory day is nice.
January 27, 2008, 3:53 pm
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well, since things are going so well, and mom felt up to it, we took a stroll around the community botanical gardens where she volunteers.  they were psyched to see her and want her to recover quickly and come back.  she is very excited to return there.

here is a cactus….


here is a sculpture collection by patrick daugherty….


 here is a close up of a tree.  this thing was HUGE.  what kind of tree issss it????  guess!


cody bear’s gramma is doing well!
January 27, 2008, 12:04 am
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cody bear and i would like to report that all is fine so far!


 i’m so glad i could bring him with me, even though its hard being in a different town with the dog.  he’s quite anxious at my parent’s when left alone, but he is doing so great and being such a good bear!

here are some images from thursday…


recovering from the cath lab on thursday.  her surgery was supposed to be friday, but they pushed it back till monday because the dr. had super marathon surgery situations going on.  so mom got to go home for the weekend.  at first she was sad/aggravated because she wanted to get the heart surgery over, but she is fine with it now.  the nurses at her hospital were so nice to her, which was helpful.


so, we go back monday a.m.  she will be in intensive care a couple days, but if the surgery goes well, she will be home in 5 to 7 days.  then a month of practically doing nothing, then months of cardio rehab.  i think she will like cardio rehab because she will meet some new folks!

i had to take extra time off work, but HAVE to go back tuesday night.  i feel so bad about it.  my sister took 6 weeks off!  i will try to come back soon.  well, i just wanted to check in to let everyone know that cody bear and i (and our family) are doing well. 

here is the CRAZY THING:  absolutely NO pet therapy dogs allowed in mom’s hospital.  only service dogs.  isn’t that just the lamest thing?  how is anyone supposed to get better without the healing power of dog fur, i ask you????

the irritating thing:  my parents monitor!  the settings are whacky and it is the size of a mini cooper.  mental note: get parents new lcd for christmas.

we LOVE today’s humane society legislative fund blog entry!
January 23, 2008, 10:34 pm
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well, we leave in a few mins to take a trip to visit mom for her surgery. i’m SO GLAD i can take this little cody bear with me….


my sister and i will be nervous during the next few days, so it will be good to have our own pet therapy dog to comfort us and keep us focused on love.

cody bear hasn’t seen my sister since he was a puppy, so who knows if he will remember her. she is the one that made his xmas venison jerky, so he shoullllld greet her with great adoration.

now, the following article is interesting, especially about the debate between bob dole and socks clinton. cats won that vote, but not by a landslide. please check it out, as it is slightly whimsy with a side of enlightening: