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Some Ginger Sweethearts on Statehood Day
March 6, 2015, 6:43 pm
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A typical day starts with two Border Collies staring at me expectantly and one Cody Bear pretending to be asleep.  The bear does not like to hurry into his day.  On this particular day, which happened to be Valentine’s Day and Arizona Statehood Day, he just decided to lay around having “bed head” all over his body and trying to look cuddly.  Well done Cody Bear.

Cody Bear with all over "bed head"

Cody Bear with all over “bed head”

The most stressful thing I had to do all day was make chocolate covered strawberries for the my friend’s birthday party that night.  Yes….as easy as they are to make I still got stressed.  I am always nervous preparing food for people!  I don’t want to make anyone sick.

party fruit

But they turned out well!

In attendance at the party was this lovely cowgirl, Helen.  She’s a really good dog!

party dog

And another red head, about as sleepy as Cody Bear, Tyko.

party cat

A good day for sure.  But….the next day was one of the best days I’ve had in so long!

I went for a horseback riding lesson at the base of the Rincons.  I was there about 3 hours which included a trail ride that wound through Coyote Creek.  I learned so much and smiled all day.  It was cool and cloudy and beautiful and …. Yeah…I just smiled and smiled.

horsesceneride trailride canyon


stop inviting your little reptile friends in!
August 23, 2010, 1:03 am
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that cat of mine likes nature.  the kind of nature that sometimes gets in the house.

today’s wildlife interlude was with a baby lizard, about 2.5 inches long.  the cat, spree, was just staring at the little motionless thing.  i went and got the march issue of shutterbug magazine to scoop him up, but he moved.  slowly.

i hesitated.  big mistake.  it went right under the bed.

spree, watching lizard, pickles watching spree, cody bear watching … i’m not quite sure.

things at cody bear’s house
April 24, 2010, 7:03 am
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here’s the news re:……


pickles’ agility teacher moved to the outskirts of town, so we’re sans obstacles.  she has a whole new batch of border collie friends.

and she is obsessed with cody bear, for the most part.

here she is overseeing a few of her border collie friends…

cody bear:

the bear is doing great.  he’s never weighed as much and his gastroparesis is almost a memory. (fingers crossed it stays this way.)  he and pickles and i spent easter at a friend’s.  he may even get re-certified for pet therapy.  and most importantly, he loves that pickles loves him.


(that’s the cat, mind you) spree is still trying to find ways to kill me.


well, i have had an interesting month.  got super-weird sick.   found out i have been accepted at a local gallery for my nature photography.  joined a creepy health club.  and mostly…i’ve just been busy.

i….i…i have to go.   my cat is staring at me.  i either need to feed her….or run.

5 minutes to spare last night
March 4, 2010, 5:15 pm
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and so the week rolls on. i’ve been SO BUSY i can barely blog!

but i guess busy is good.  last night i finally had some time to kill snapping cookie pictures of my munchkins.  didn’t have enough time to get into any of my big projects until after the night’s activity, so…snippity snap!

here we see the bear, giving me his best “i’m hungry” look…

don’t you just want to hand him a cookie?  fyi, he takes treats so gently.

here is spree giving me her classic disdain…

and here we see pickles with an obnoxiously large van gogh print, a photo of a building spire from trinity college in dublin, an ikea dresser and a pile of clean laundry…towels and socks, mostly…

so yeah, that was wednesday, post work, pre agility, pre working on projects that kept me up till 1 am.

love bugs….

only one thing on the menu…..
February 2, 2010, 4:17 pm
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oh dear. there was some excitement at the house this morning. 

some background.  our property is INFESTED with feral cats.  our city has no real trap and release program for the public.  (though ,we can pay to have them removed.)

anyway….the cats are causing problems:

1.  they taunt the dogs  and terrorize my kitty.  they even go into the back yard and the dogs chase them and sometimes catch them.  when the cats are caught, cody bear usually gets beat up by his prey!  they will park it right outside the window and stare at the dogs as the dogs go bat-shit crazy barking!

2.  they are pooping all over, howling when in heat, waking us up in the middle of the night with shreaking cat fights.  it scares my delicate natured kitty and is really such a pain in the ass.  they’re even causing a strange health problem with cody bear. (i’ll spare you the details) and they run around on the roof when i’m trying to sleep.  creepy, actually.  what the hell is going ON up there!?

3.  they’re coyote bait.

there is a pair of coyotes that have moved in and are feasting.  they won’t run out of food anytime soon.  we encounter them on walks and have seen them eating.  they’re out all the time, even at noon.   they’ve killed in my driveway before and the howling. oh.

well, this morning the dogs were sitting on the couch, looking out the picture window by the front door, waiting for breakfast.  they started barking and i assumed it was the cats.  but no, it was a coyote in the drive. i opened the door to yell at it….and the mate was 4 feet away from me!

i yelled and yelled and they ran. i chased them and rand down the drive.

now, i do love coyotes. i do. and these two are well fed and fluffy.  beautiful, really.  but they can’t feel comfortable eating at my house.  i don’t want cody bear or pickles to get hurt.  i get the whole circle of life thing.  i can dig it….i just don’t want to be confronted with it all the time or…have it wake me up.

“that’s no dog!”

oh, by the way, there is a caption writing contest at my other blog today:

has cody bear been living a lie?
December 10, 2009, 7:04 am
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i’m confused.  my entire belief system has been toppled.  my world is topsy turvy!….

cody bear and my cat….are friends?

i had been sitting at my desk for a great while, working on clients’ photos after agility with pickles.   i got up and heard a sound.  it was cody bear, snapping awake and jerking up his head. but…he couldn’t move on time.  i busted him.  he had been spooning with spree…the CAT!

cody bear hates cats!  he chases them…viciously!   he sees one out the window and he acts like hannibal lecter.  he’s been in fights with ferals in the back yard…and lost!  he ignores my kitty, won’t make eye contact with her.  acts disGUSTED when she is near by.

witness:  in this photo…he looks VERY guilty!

is it THAT cold that my cody bear is now slumming it with the cat?  and how can she trust him?  i THOUGHT she knew what a cat hater he was.

after reviewing these photos…i can only say…the mayans ARE right.  our world IS coming to an end!

(i wish i had had time to grab the good camera with the good flash so i didn’t have these glowy psycho doggie eyes. ….sigh.)

sometimes it is not about the dogs…but don’t tell the dogs that.
December 6, 2009, 6:56 pm
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friday night.  exhausted from the week, i opt to stay home.  watch a little hulu, edit some photos, what have you.

the cat, often forgotten in the bustle of canine activity, was nestled on the bed in the folds of a quilt.  she was looking cute and was open to some photos.

easy enough.

that didn’t last long.  before i knew it, pickles was there with her spitty ball, gumming it, resting it on the bed then leaning back for me to notice it, gumming it some more.

fine picky…you can have some pictures too.

that’s how a border collie gets the attention back.

how does a mandarin collie do it?  he sits behind you, passive-aggressively, burning holes in the back of your head with his eyes till you turn around.

such a serious bear.

and yes, i’m puzzled by this behavior…
November 22, 2009, 6:49 am
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saturday night.

watching snl, sitting at my desk editing photos.

pickles gets tired, walks into her crate and lays down.

the cat comes up.  she pats me on the leg.  i let her jump up. she purrs then pops down.

she walks toward the crate.

pickles sits up.

the sniff  each other  through the open door.

spree walks in.  pickles looks at her like she’s a space alien.

cat rubs against the dog a couple times then makes her way to the back of the crate.  lays down.

dog looks confused…then lays back down.

and there you have it.


girls like shoes. but “like” like shoes dear kitty?
September 14, 2009, 5:43 am
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i love my cat but, ….she’s got some weird stuff goin’ on.   kittiosyncracies, if you will.

for instance, her shoe love.  i will often walk into the room and find her rubbing her face on my shoe.  slippers, flip flops, hikers, what have you.

shoecat1“oh yeaaaahhhh baby”

shoecat2“do you MIND?  can we have a minute here?”

tonight . . . under the dog bowl
September 4, 2009, 6:36 am
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what is up with my kitty?

underthefoodbowlseriously? under cody bear’s dog bowl? now he LOVES food…and he HATES cats!  is that the safest place to be?

and….right next to pickles’ tennis ball.