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40something things about me
  1. one time over 50 live hamsters got loose in my car while i was driving. long story….
  2. my dogs and my cat are the most important things to me.
  3. i was born in the year of the dog…and I think that’s the coolest year to be born in.
  4. i have canons
  5. i have high cholesterol, so I am working on a dairy free egg free lifestyle. I’ve been meat free for sometime now. (that sounds funny.)
  6. i used to do raptor rehab for 7 years, but then moved to a new town and never started up again.
  7. i’m a late to bed/late to rise sort of gal.
  8. i have chronic car problems. Always have.
  9. i like my wine like I like my beer: dark.
  10. i am a terrible housekeeper.
  11. i enjoy playing golf, but rarely get to, which, in turn, makes golf more enjoyable for everyone else.
  12. i’m allergic to carrots, cantelope, mango, oranges.
  13. venti soy vanilla latte, 3 pumps instead of 5(update!  developed a soy allergy.  no more lattes!)
  14. i am addicted to coca cola
  15. i don’t decorate for holidays
  16. i don’t ever want to have children
  17. i realize that not decorating for holidays and not wanting to have children makes me sound mean and sour. but i’m not. i’m cheery. probably because i don’t waste time decorating and i’m well rested because i don’t have children?
  18. i’m 41.
  19. i NEVER use my emergency brake because i forget to turn it off. don’t park near me on a hill.
  20. i don’t drink enough water. not titillating, i know, but its true.
  21. nail guns and staple guns freak me out.
  22. i miss some of my family sometimes.
  23. i watch america’s next top model.
  24. i know first hand the heart break of tmj.
  25. as a child i had amblyopia and had to wear a patch AND glasses. i was 5, i think.
  26. i miss picking wild raspberries in the forest back home…
  27. i only know how to knit scarves. just scarves.
  28. in 1990 i almost died due to a freakish tug-o-war accident. (i’m not kidding)
  29. i believe in reincarnation.
  30. olives? ….love ’em.
  31. i refer to “good morning america” as …. the news.
  32. when i retire….i want to have my own brewery.

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Really interesting. I love olives and coco cola.

Comment by Gina

You are cheery, great fun to be around (you didn’t even mention pig jokes!!!!!), honest, loving, caring, kind, and compassionate……I cannot imagine you any different, and I’m glad you didn’t die in a freakish tug-of-war accident. Besides, you and Cody Bear are such a great team, as Pet VIPers and friends, that you would be sorely missed by many. Hugs, ME

Comment by Lynne Brant

I enjoyed reading about you and getting to know you. We have a lot of stuff in common. Enjoying your blog.

Comment by S. Le

We also have alot in common…
born the year of dog
into photography, bicycles and , of course, animals and animal rescue!
chronic car problems
It’s good to know their are others out there!!

Comment by swissymouse

glad you could stop by the blog! S. & swissymouse!

Comment by goodbear

i LOVE!…Love!!.. love!. your blog!!

Comment by terrah

thanks terrah! i just checked yours out and love it, as well. i’ve added it to my blogroll.

Comment by goodbear

[…] 40something things about me […]

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Hi, we love your blog! Bark!

~Jackie and her mom Noelle

Comment by littlemissjackie

thanks jackie & noelle!!! cody bear and i are having fun with it!

Comment by goodbear

WOW! We have quite a bit in common. Glad to get to know you better here! Nice to meet you-for real-lol!


Comment by Mercedes

I feel more informed now. I’m glad I finally got off my fat butt and read this!

Comment by forkboy

I whole-heartedly agree with you on the Buffy thing. That was my favorite show of all time and I miss it dearly. I love that you and your dog are a therapy team and it is my number one dream in life to open and operate a no-kill animal shelter and adoption center.

Comment by snarkygirl08

Glad you liked my fuzz photos 🙂 Just read your list about yourself and you definitely sounds like a fun person to be around. Could no agree more on the kids part, never wanted them myself and have to admit not having much patience with said species. Spoilt kids are a pet hate. Your little puppy is adorable, is it a pure bred border collie? I have two that I try to train as sheepdogs as often as possible (not having your own sheep makes that very difficult at the moment).

Comment by Catharine

I need to know what breed of dog is Cody Bear. My kids bought a dog from the animal shelter and she looks exactly like Cody Bear. Thanks

Comment by Julie

hi july! sounds like you got a cute dog! he is what we believe to be a chow/aussie mix. (that’s what my vet and i think) but canine heritage breed test (which sux) first said he was an afghan hound mix, then a german shepherd mix. i do think there is some german shepherd in there, but definitely chow and definitely some herding breed.
i call him a mandarin collie.

have fun with your new dog! if she’s anything like cody bear, you won’t be able to stop cuddling him! if you ever post a picture on line, please let me know, as i would love to see it.

Comment by goodbear

Hmm, I’ve been told (just recently) I should do something similar (50 things about me) but I haven’t gotten around to it. I guess I could… I like your list. 🙂

Comment by tam

tam…it takes forever! start small….

Comment by goodbear

Sounds like we could be friends.

Comment by solsticekennels

solsticekennels, thanks for visiting!

Comment by goodbear

Cool blog. I like it.

Comment by pam956

thanks pam. i hope you come back again!

Comment by goodbear

Hi! Love the pictures and fortysomething things! I finally found my dogs twin with Cody Bear. I just got my canineheritage test back for the 2nd time. First time they said Rottweiler/border collie. Now (after their upgrade) my Cutie is a Border/Chow/Rotti/Aussie. I adopted her a year and 1/2 ago and she is so sweet. Can I borrow the Mandarin Collie breed? I also hate to decorate/clean. I have kids, but they are adjusting to my lack of domestic skills along with my understanding husband. I also don’t know what I’m doing with my life, but for now I’m a mom. I do feel the need to go volunteer at the shelter. You are a fantastic photographer and writer. Keep it up!

Comment by Nancy

hi nancy! glad you found the blog! i would love to see a picture of your mandarin collie!

Comment by goodbear

50 hamsters loose at once in one car, Good Grief musta been one helluva experience

Comment by Tony

This looks familiar! 47 things precisely! Is this coincidental?

I can relate to:
#3, #9, #14, #34, and can’t relate to much else. At all.

And seriously… 47? Is that for serious?

Comment by Unknown

unknown, 4 is an o.k. number to have in common. that’s cool that you’re a dog, too!

Comment by goodbear

Where are you from? It looks like desert territory… New Mexico, Arizona, Vegas, Laughlin, NV? Hmmmm possibly somewhere in California… lol …

Great blog! Fun stuff! Keep up the great work. I’m new to the blogging scene. I love your photo blog too btw! I’m hoping to add some YouTube videos to my blog here soon.

Have a great night!

Chris the “Stunt Dog Guy” TM
Stunt Dog Experience TM

Comment by Chris the "Stunt Dog Guy"

Thanks for the great insisght. I am 10 years older than you, I was married once for 10 years, it was a waste. I can relate to lots of those 48 things!

Comment by daisydog

I enjoyed reading your list. I appreciate that some things you state so matter a fact, I really like that. I’m wondering about the tug a war incident it sounds traumatic. I use to love watching the show Northern Exposure. I also have 2 black white cats and a dog who are my #2.

Comment by starlaschat

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