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just a bit of a chill, really
January 26, 2010, 6:03 pm
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we had days of rain and cold temps.

two things wrong with that….no heat in the bedroom or bathroom.  yikes.

and….muddy paws.  i’m sweeping up to three times a day.  there is a path from the front door to the back of dirt and sand the merry pupsters have been tracking in.

the dogs love the cold weather.  they’re energized!  (here they demonstrate how energized they are)

note the snow in the mountains beyond the park…

and note the smile on cody bear’s face!!!

love bug!


clouds and walkies…
July 3, 2009, 3:02 pm
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last night i stood on the table in my back yard and took some cloud shots with the new 40d.

cloudsit’s monsoon season, so the sky has been thick with clouds.

sunset1it’s so sticky and it just won’t rain!  we’ve only had a couple lame monsoon showers.

sunset2“walk me?”

codybearhere’s cody bear after a nice long walk with me and pickles…

codybearandspreenow that’s a happy bear.

now i’m off to meet buzzy to take some flower pix.   later taters!

anyone want to trade weather?
January 20, 2009, 8:09 pm
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went home for lunch.  it was 80 degrees.  i think we have had 5 days of winter so far.

pickles enjoys resting in the sun.

lunch-pickyit is always so hard going back to work after lunch.

when i got home for lunch, cody bear didn’t greet me at the door like he always does. this means one of two things:  either he did something bad, or he does’t feel well.

perhaps he doesn’t feel well because he did something bad?

maybe i should hire a home health care worker for him?  i took him to dog day care a couple times in the past.  he didn’t enjoy it.  all he did was follow the people around.    he’s the diva and pickles is the tom boy!

and so yes, i guess today has been a good day so far…
January 15, 2009, 10:52 pm
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first of all….it’s hot here people.  it has risen 35 degrees since i woke up.  sheesh.

hot-todaynext big news: i started my facebook page.  it’s searchable by email if you’re already on facebook.  i think this will help me keep in better touch with my friends that have moved and have kids. they just don’t have time to sit and chat, but commenting seems do-able.

next, my benevolent coworker took me out for vietnamese food for lunch today! it was SO delicious.  i hadn’t been to this place before.  better than my place, i’ll tell you what!

ok, back to work.

welcome to cody bear’s underground lair
December 23, 2008, 5:19 pm
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the weather outside is grim.  cody bear has retreated to his underground lair to wait out the storm…



i am still above ground working on quickbooks and listening to cars go by on the slushy street outside my office.

our birds are very clean…
November 27, 2008, 8:25 pm
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a lazy, rainy thursday.  i don’t have to be at r’s till 4 for dinner, so i’ve been doing dishes, taking pictures.  pickles has been fixated on birds lately.  she watched these little guys take a bath for quite some time.


we had friends come over to chat and snuggle the doglets, but they didn’t stay long.  had to go forage for food.

well, see, nothing fun to post about.  perhaps later!  i do have a little bit of exciting news to share, but i’m not … quite … ready …

one maglite and a blackberry
August 14, 2008, 2:30 pm
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why would goodbear & co. be sleeping with a flashlight?

a storm.  a big one.  i had soooo much web design work to do last night, as well. grrr.

so glad i bought that maglite a few months ago.  and my blackberry kept it’s signal!  i considered posting a blog in the dark…but thought not.

our backyard flooded and cody bear’s trenches were filled in.

my patio roof has been rearranged.  everything is wet, wet, wet…

i don’t know yet how our two resident white wing dove babies faired. i was just noticing yesterday that they can already fly about 20 feet.  proud of them they managed not being killed by the dogs or the feral cats that keep hunting in our yard.

well, off to work.  we’re going to be busy with i.t. crap because of the power outages.

buh bye.

cinnamon thunder!
July 26, 2008, 4:14 am
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a storm was rolling in. it was already raining and there were rumblings of thunder in the distance. i was excited, as i’ve been complaining about how disappointing the summer rains have been.  (do you see cody bear in the top photo?)

the thunder got cody bear a little riled up.

he’s happiest when he’s running. since he’s so fast i thought i would practice panning. it was too dark to get any good shots.

i just think he’s beautiful.

at first pickles just laid down in the middle of the yard watching him chase the thunder. but then she decided to pounce when ever he ran by, then eventually gave chase.

we went indoors before it got bad. within an hour we were in the thick of lightening and thunder and heavy sheets of rain. very dramatic!

in other news….

i ended up leaving work early today. having hurt my back lifting pickles crate last week, it was fine for a couple days, but lifting pcs at work aggravated it. it is excruciating. i ended up going to the chiroprachter today. i guess i wasn’t expecting to be totally healed. but #(*%&#@ this (#*% hurts!

hope i wake up and the back is allll better, then i will go on to have an excellent weekend. you should try to have an excellent weekend, too!

run cinnamon bear!!!

run cinnamon bear!!!

off to the park!
July 4, 2008, 4:15 pm
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for cody bear’s birthday i took him to one of his favorite parks this morning. (of course i took my tiny power shot camera!) i thought it would be better than our usual neighborhood walks because the grass is so soft, the dogs there are very far away so he doesn’t get scared, and….there are no cats there. he had a fun, stress-free walk.

i just can’t believe what a beautiful and wonderful dog he has become. he was a terror as a puppy!

i walked him by some exercise equipment and he practiced his agility jumps:

as you can see he was having fun. but it was only 7:30 and already too hot. and the sound of the locusts was almost deafening. i told him to put his paws up onto this 3.5 foot fountain and he jumped all the way up and stood there sipping water and looking at me like, “this is what you meant, right?”

he looked so happy on the way home!



“he’ll get what’s coming to him.” they all said
June 27, 2008, 2:43 pm
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remember my coworker? the one that is rude to me?  the one that doesn’t listen to me because i’m a stupid woman?

welllll, i told him when he started not to park in front of the shop, especially on rainy days….