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duck therapy…
November 30, 2008, 11:20 pm
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today goodbear went to the ducks.  frazzled and depressed with all the canine drama in her life, she grabbed her new rebel camera and headed toward a park.

she didn’t know this park existed until recently and was pleased with how pretty and open it was.  oh…and there were ducks.  oh…and hardly any children!  hurray.  good bear was pleased, but still moping.

the ducks were lazy today.


it was noon, and many of them were just floating around with their beaks tucked into their backs.  others tried to stay awake, but just kept nodding off.


turtles popped from the pond to bake in their shells under the sun.


then goodbear went home to her queazy dog and her crazy bratty stubborn dog.  took a nap and woke up mopey again.

sigh.  goodbear loves her dogs, she just wishes the one would stop barfing and the other would get over her adolescent teendog stubborn streak….


what with all the chocolate and the hedge hog minion…
November 30, 2008, 5:13 pm
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last night we got together to celebrate one of my friend’s professional successes.  one friend brought monogram cupcakes to celebrate her.

within 30 seconds of removing foil…


we had a variety of desserts, as well as beer, wine, and…adult hot cocoa.

cody bear isn’t really a big moocher.  he wanted attention from d. more than his cake.


and the night progressed…


pickles become increasingly more resentful of a.h.  you see, a.h. is married to r.  and r. is the reason for picky’s existance.  she adores him.  she will find a way for them to be together.


look at her glaring at a.h., scheming with her hedgehog minion.  it’s sad, really….

episode one of “ignoring nature” – tasty but boring birds?
November 29, 2008, 2:56 pm
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setting:  cable access, saturday, 7:00 am

cody bear: good morning everyone and welcome to “ignoring nature in our own back yard”.  I’m cody bear and this is my lovely co-host pickles.

pickles:  ooooh, i’ve found a bug!


cb:  ignore it!

cb: (aside) see why she is just the co-host

cb: today on “ignoring” we will be talking about the many birds in our back yard we ignore.  what did we ignore yesterday, pickles.

pick: first we have a mail house finch


cb:  how boring!

pick: actually…i ….i think he looks very yummy.

cb:  how can you say that?  he doesn’t even closely resemble a cat!

pick:  i’m find it very yard to ignore him.  especially when i only get two meals a day.

cb:  house finches are very common here, along with many other finches, sparrows, doves, grackles. sometimes we get grackles, thrashers, pigeons, humming birds, cardinals, goldfinches, mockingbirds, wrens.  all these birds are very inviting to the local cats, which is why they are very important to my personal food chain.  but still….i ignore them.

pick: mmmmmm.

cb:  our loudest visitor is the hummingbird.


pick:  hummingbirds are too small, too fast and too far away.  this makes them easy to ignore.

cb: excellent point pickles.  what the….?


cb:  pigeon from below.  these are easy to ignore.  very stupid.  not an ounce of cunning.  easy to ignore.

pick: difficult to ignore.

cb: i ignore birds by chasing cars as they drive by the fence.

pick: i ignore birds by chasing cody bear as he chases cars as they drive by the fence.

cb: but the best way to ignore nature is by…

cb and pick:  ROMPING!


cb:  well that’s it for today.  we’re going to eat breakfast then go ignore more wildlife

pick: (aside) i’d like to try one of those finches.

cb: see you next time!

November 29, 2008, 6:38 am
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so, here was one of the nature moments in my back yard today.


i knew she was a hooligan. i knew it.
November 28, 2008, 11:41 pm
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oh no!  did pickles join a gang?????


there goes the neighborhood…

oooh, a muttzle, or….hide your cats and your liquor!
November 28, 2008, 9:28 pm
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to be invited to a friends for thanksgiving is always nice.  but to have the invitation include my dogs…?  i was so excited.

and kind of nervous.  what if they didn’t behave?  what if cody bear barfed on their floor or ate their cat?

well, we allll had a great time!

cody bear enjoyed the special ammenities:


while pickles was in heaven playing with all the very posh toys:


the food was delicious and the wine was great.  my friends have a gorgeous and comfortable house.  it was nice to just kick back and enjoy.  and again…the food was so good!  many veggie dishes!

but, pickles was a little disappointed in the lack of clumsy eaters.  she waited and waited and no one dropped any food alllll night.


poor picky…waiting in vain.

after dinner they explored the yard and romped a bit.  imagine!  these dogs have there very own tunnel! how lucky are they!


then….inside for more romping.  here you see cody bear and pickles doing their signature move:


i call this move the “muttzle”.  mutts + pretzle.

anyway, it was great fun.  hope you all had as wonderful of a day as we did.

oh, and yes…cody bear and pickles DID find the cat.  no one got hurt, but . . . i don’t think we’ll be invited back if the cat has anything to say about it…

drooling and tripping over myself with digital joy joy joy
November 27, 2008, 9:50 pm
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and now….for my BIG news!

as some of you knowwww, my camera (beloved and magical) had been having some….issues.  well, first of all, i got estimates from 2 reputable camera repair shops (one of which had camera for 3 days and couldn’t get it to replicate the problem) and both of them said it was probably the shutter dieing (cue comical wuhn wuh wuhnnn noise) then gave me the scary price.  (cue villain theme) but….dear eyegillian, sensible and savvy, suggested updating the firmware.  (pregnant pause) now, it is my job to take as many pictures as possible, but….it seems to have done the trick! what the hell!!??

thanks eyegillian.

in the meantime, my friends d. and m. were very upset for me that i was without camera, and more than likely unable to pay for a repair.    and even if it wasn’t a bad fix,….a girl always needs a back up, right?

so, they bought me this overly generous gift:  a brand new canon eos rebel xsi. (cue angels singing music)

here is my camera family, missing is the sd750 digital elph.  after all, someone had to take the picture.


canon eos rebel xsi and canon 20d

so far i love love LOVE this new camera.

with flash:

pickles models for new rebel xsi using the built in flash

pickles models for new rebel xsi using the built in flash

natural light, early morning:

cody bear models for new canon rebel xsi at dawn

cody bear models for new canon rebel xsi at dawn

obviously i have gorgeous subjects to work with!!!

how fortunate am i to have friends so generous and so supportive of my dog photography, that they would ram this rebel xsi in my hands and say, “here, we think you should have this.”?

immeasurably fortunate.  psychotically grateful.  spasmodically looking for photo opportunities!

anyway, if you haven’t visited my dog photography blog, dogdailyphoto, please do.  i think it would make my friends happy to see dog faces being appreciated, or something like that!

i told you it was big news!!!!

(cue applause!)

our birds are very clean…
November 27, 2008, 8:25 pm
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a lazy, rainy thursday.  i don’t have to be at r’s till 4 for dinner, so i’ve been doing dishes, taking pictures.  pickles has been fixated on birds lately.  she watched these little guys take a bath for quite some time.


we had friends come over to chat and snuggle the doglets, but they didn’t stay long.  had to go forage for food.

well, see, nothing fun to post about.  perhaps later!  i do have a little bit of exciting news to share, but i’m not … quite … ready …

waiting for cats
November 27, 2008, 5:46 pm
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seriously you two!  it’s a beautiful day.


cody bear and pickles....waiting for cats

are you really just going to hang out by the fence all day in hopes of barking at a cat, or perhaps that small white dog that belongs to the creepy neighbor?

there are balls you could be chasing, you know.

wordless wednesday – pickles growing up
November 26, 2008, 2:39 pm
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