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if we’ve learned anything from monty python….it is that rabbits can be dangerous.
September 30, 2008, 2:16 pm
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good morning all.  i wanted to get one last post in before a pteradactyl swooped down from the sky and carried me away for her breakfast.

“geez goodbear.  that sounds so dramatic.”

yes, i know.  you see, goodbear has long been a friend of nature, but nature is not being a friend to goodbear.  a few days after my scorpion sting….i was attacked by a barn owl.

“what???” well, every saturday i go into this rehabilitating barn owl’s cage and remove uneaten food, change his water bowls and clean out any yuckiness.  never a problem. but saturday he flew into me while i was changing his water.  i was like, “dude….” but didn’t think much of it.  he only weighs a pound and the wing that hit me has hollow bones and soft feathers. no biggie.  then i hear, “LOOK OUT!”  as i felt talons on my neck.  i asked fellow volunteer what happened, she only knows she turned around for a second, then looked back to see this owl on my head.  sigh.

that is a shot of a leaf-legged bug.  to illustrate that yes, goodbear likes nature.

anyway, shortly after being mobbed by the cantankerous owl i suffered a nasty and perpetual allergy attack.  the allergies won’t give me a break!

so i wake up this morning and some obnoxious mosquito has bit me on the exact same finger as the scorpion sting while i was sleeping.

new 580EX flash for my canon!

new 580EX flash for my canon!

i think i’m going to distance myself from nature until it forgives me for whatever it thinks i have done.

cody bear sympathizing

cody bear sympathizing

cody bear has agility tonight, and i’m nervous the scorpion will find me then try to finish the job.

pickles endures the new flash

pickles endures the new flash

and pickles has her first puppy agility class tomorrow.

until nature forgives goodbear:  cancel safari plans, wear “happy camper” insect repellent, drive with windows up, walk with umbrella, keep out of the water, program game & fish into mobile phone speed dial.

that should cover it.


mom’s morning coffee entertainment.
September 28, 2008, 3:36 pm
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well, it’s sunday morning.  i missed the play date, but that’s o.k.

the dogs got to play here, and i wasn’t rushed to get somewhere.  it’s mom’s last day visiting so we sat in the back yard and watched the dogs run around while she drank coffee.

i have a ton of stuff to do today after she leaves.

still life with plastic hamburger
September 28, 2008, 2:10 am
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since mom is still visiting and friends are on the way to go to dinner w/ us, i don’t have much time to blog.

but….i did want to leave you with this image from my back yard:


the weekend begins…
September 27, 2008, 3:10 pm
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great bday festivities so far.  i have to leave in a couple minutes to go volunteer, but wanted to toss some pix on line.

first of all, mom came to visit and gave me this wonderful hand made quilt.  she made it for me, but the cat seems to have taken it over:

mom, a.h. and i went on a science field trip.  it was fun, but some of the folks in our tour group (mainly the guide) didn’t appreciate us trying to have a good time.

and a few nights ago my friend a. brought take out over and we sat in the back yard eating and chatting, drinking a bottle of wine while the dogs romped.

then last night r. and a.h. treated us to dinner and margaritas.

i don’t know what we’re doing today. probably shopping and such…

later friends!

be mindful of the sharks with the laserbeams on their heads…
September 27, 2008, 4:42 am
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welcome to my underground lair.  ok…not MY underground lair, but someone’s underground lair.

we went on a field trip today….it made me really want to go some where far away.  it was very fun but we got drenched in rain.

i’m too tired to be blogging.

good night.

when arthropods attack! …after a fashion
September 26, 2008, 7:08 am
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hi everyone! i’m FINALLY finishing the story of how i was attacked by a scorpion tuesday night.  (read prior post here)

first of all, the picture in the other post is the same kind of scorpion, but not the guy who stung me.

so here’s what happened….

tuesday night i was at agility class on the outskirts of town with my cody bear.  he was doing great and we had just finished a set of obstacles and it was time to take him for a little walk to make peepers.  ya follow?

so it was very dark, and i don’t know if the scorpion was on my pants or on cody’s leash, but when i dropped my hand he struck. i lifted my hand on reflex while experiencing this horrible stinging and shocking pain.  at first i thought it was a cactus, but it hurt even more than the dreaded cholla and….it was moving.  it was about the size of a cricket.  ya dig?

getting stressed? i am.  let’s take a break in the story to glance at a picture of my sweet dog, cody bear:

well i was FREAKING out and not thinking straight: didn’t really know what it was.  i looked down and saw what i learned later was a drop of venom on my finger tip.  i kept digging for a thorn or a stinger, but there wasn’t one.  just this unbelievable nasty shocking pain.

the poodle’s owner said it was a scorpion.  and to sum it up, she told me it would be excruciating pain for 3 days or so and the only thing i could do was take benedryl and keep icing it.  (after the incident, many google searches found the same thing.)

but dear friends r. and a.h. met me at my house shortly after with a big knife and a first aid kit.  r. disappeared into my back yard while a.h. consoled my pets and tried to keep me calm.  by this time i was freaking out because it hurt so badly….and because i was sure i was going to die….which i wasn’t going to.

r. comes back in with….

….a giant cactus pad.

he removes the prickly outer coating and cuts it into strips.  he mashed one and placed it on my finger then a.h.  wrapped it tightly.  ahhhh a poultice of sorts.

here’s the deal people, within seconds the pain decreased by almost 75%.  i had been warned i wouldn’t sleep that night because the pain would be so intense, but this natural rememdy was amazing.  i still didn’t sleep well.  too freaked out!  what if i had been allergic? or worse, what if the scorpion had stung cody bear instead of me???  the next day i felt like i had a low dose shock all day and by evening it was just numb.  when i woke up this morning….it was as if it had never happened!

thanks dr. r., you amazing friend and biology professor.  and thanks a.h. you amazing dog walker and calmer of spirits.  you both saved me, for reals!

goodbear vs. nature…
September 24, 2008, 2:51 pm
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what is this?

it is a scorpion.

what is it doing on my blog?

illustrating what stung me last night.

so, yes, last night at cody bear’s agility class i was stung on my right index finger by a bark scorpion.

and i’m telling you….it hurt like a (list of expletives)

fortunately my quick thinking friends met me at my house and took care of me!  thanks a.h. and r.!

it’s freakish how it happened. and scary.  glad it stung me and not cody bear!  it is so painful.  we had to leave agility early because i was panicking.

so i didn’t sleep well.  i am going to work early, but coming back home and napping for a couple hours.

wordless wednesday – at night
September 24, 2008, 5:58 am
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pickles’ play-mate
September 23, 2008, 8:13 pm
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so another dog followed us home again today.  no name tag.  un-nuetered.  tooootally not potty trained.

he has zero teeth, ….so naturally i have been calling him ….”fang.”

i’ve reported him to the local agencies and put up a few signs.  it was before work, so i didn’t have time to do much else.

both cody bear and pickles took a fancy to him, but he keeps snapping at the bear and only playing with pickles.  she’s infatuated with him…

’twas a sunday…
September 22, 2008, 2:42 pm
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sunday was very busy for all of us here at casa de cody bear!

at 7:30 pickles had puppy socialization time at the training center.

from 10 to 12 i took both dogs to “control unleashed class” (more details on THAT soon!)

there are 10 dogs in the class and each dog goes one at a time so the kiddos spend alot of time in their crates.  but they did so well!  no complaints from them.

then had to take cody bear to the dog wash for some play time….and a bath. he has a pet therapy gig this week so he needs to be extra clean and fluffy.

then off to r. and a.h.’s to photograph some puppies….and this amaranth…

and this leaf legged bug…

then off to the cemetery to take photographs for the animal’s photography class.

then grocery shopping.  i didn’t get to sleep till 1:30 and i’m exhausted! time to get ready for work….