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what operating system do you dream in?
May 13, 2009, 4:52 am
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i consider myself a good dreamer.  i do.  my dreams are often very colorful, with intricate plots and intriguing characters.  i wake up remembering them and recall them frequently throughout the day.

but i don’t remember many details of the storyline of my most recent dream because a new element came into my dreams last night.

you see, last night my dream kept being interrupted by a windows applet.  the dream would be playing out, then a grey box would pop up and i would hit “ok” and the dream would continue.

i need a vacation.

and here are the doglets, not looking ready for bed at all!



my new lcd barrier protects me from all harm….
March 26, 2009, 7:53 pm
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the pc fairy visited me while i was on work errands.  i got a new computer and two new 19″ lcd panels.  overkill? perhaps.  my last pc was….(ooh, the words i could choose are offensive.)…we’ll just say bad. it was bad.

it was on its side on the floor, open with a power supply that didn’t fit in the case.  i kept putting my foot in it.  dropping the sesame seeds from my bagels in there.  nice. 

now i’m big time here behind my lcd fortress.  all the rays from the monitors are blinding. 

quiz: how many pictures of dogs are in this picture???

hi. i’m a lizard…and i’m here to see goodbear. she and i have a 10 o’clock appointmet…
February 6, 2009, 4:36 pm
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well, what have we here?  i didn’t know it was “take your critter to work day.”

lizard1he’s in the lobby!  he’s waiting outside my office.  i wonder what he wants to talk about.  do you think he needs to order a sonicwall or a laptop?  cuz ya know….lizards don’t have laps.

lizard2isn’t he great?!  look at his color pattern and the long skinny digits on his feet!

“sparky wants nothing to do with it…”
January 13, 2009, 5:21 am
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– what my boss said when i asked him about the elevated doggie bed in the back of the company silverado. “it’s yours if you want it for your dogs.” (pickles loves it)


so this is a blog of quotes…

“after this…i have to put the 750 in the 24 hundred.”  – that was me, talking to coworker. fyi, iomega has stopped making 250MB zip drives and the 750s…they’re not compatible with everything.  not that anyone cares.  who uses these besides our nutty clients???

“screw facebook” – that was my best friend.  he and his wife don’t want to have to log in to learn what i’m up to and leave comments.

“i have a problem…”  – here’s where the coworker told me our drive with uber-important drive images had died and he hadn’t backed it up lately. oh dear.

“oh give me a break!”   – that was me again.  i try not to say anything bad about people on my blog. and while i’ve kept kind of quiet about politics, face to face friends know i really don’t like dubya.  he’s a dumb dumb. but this morning’s press interview was ridiculous.   please, media folk, stop asking him what his mistakes were.  you know what they were, i know what they were, he knows what they were.   leave it.   i don’t like him as a pres, but, let him go on.  i don’t want to hear it anymore.  i want news of the future, i don’t want to hear how he effed up.

“I think media should be abolished from, you know, reporting,”  – joe the plumber.  huh?  whuh?  why is this guy in the news?

“really? i thought you were 28.”  – that was our fed ex delivery guy.  it was definitely a good idea to give him a christmas gift this year!

things i learned on thursday…before i ate the noodles…
January 9, 2009, 6:47 am
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learned a bit today oh yes i did….


first, i unfortunately learned that peppermint toothpaste with baking soda burns if it gets in your eyes.

i learned that at work.

i also learned how to “flash” bios today.  it’s not nearly as fun as it sounds.

i learned that i start teaching my class THIS week,….not the third week of january!   (oh my)

enough with the learning.  i followed a long day of work with a lovely afternoon walk along the river with the dear, dear quadropeds.  the view was beautiful…


and again…the view was…beautiful?



i just came back from our brisk night time walk.   pickles and i are wiped out but cody bear is still amped up.  guess he’s feeling better.

oh, but the learning isn’t over.  i have just downloaded an intriguing, relaxing and educational podcast for sleepy time.  hurray me!

so, good night dearies.

oh…p.s. i made super sloppy fried noodles with stir fried pea pods and baby corns and other veg.  so yummy!  and hot, yo.  gotta add the red pepper sauce!

i do quickbooks!
June 10, 2008, 6:15 pm
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hi.  so, i thought i would expand on the office dynamic, continuing on earlier post of the sit-chee-ation.

i believe my coworker lied because….he didn’t know how to test the drive.  so he stuck me with it and left, contrary to what our boss told him to do. but here’s the deal….

I DO QUICKBOOKS!  i’m in charge of ordering things, billing, being cheery to customers, making the boss laugh.  that’s my job.  2 years ago i offered to learn about building the pcs and installing software or testing them to help the guys out when they’re busy.

i’ve learned tons, and with the exception of this guy, things here are grand.  i get many perks from the boss:  mostly gadgets, pc related items, time off. last month i got a 2+1 port firewire card!  woo hoo!  AND a 4 GB compact flash card for my canon! (no you dih’nt…oh yes i did!)  but this guy makes a few grand more than i do a year, so he needs to learn how to do his job.

the boss has already determined his skills aren’t what he said they were in the interview.

so, i’m going to play it cool.  it is hard dealing with the woman-hater glances, the lies and the refusals to do what i tell him, but if he doesn’t start stepping up soon, well….who knows.

as long as i have you guys to vent to, i won’t be the complainer at the office. so thanks people.  thanks from the bottom of my internet connection!

dum dums and asparagus to go….

here’s one of the funnier things we saw at work this week.  one of our clients (a hospital) returned this pc to us for service….

now, not everyone is great with computers, BUT, if you are medical staff at a hospital that may one day be treating me or someone i know….i really hope you know how to turn on a pc.  also….do you need this as a reminder? if someone shows you the button one time, will you need a note taped on to remind you?  ever again?

ok…well, we were cracking up about it! then…it was time to get ready for one of our coworkers 50th birthday party!  l and i made this…

gosh, i sure hope you can tell it is an e!  the picture turned out cool because we had the party on the cyc(cyclorama) in the photography studio.  i love the cyc! i wish all the walls in my house had curved bottoms!

then the party, followed by leftovers.  we had soo many leftovers, (the caterer was just so so) but, not many containers.  here is my friend m with the mug-o-asparagus i had to take home.

the party was great and the birthday guy loved it.  there was some jerkiness, but i’ll talk about that tomorrow….once i’ve cooled off a bit! also, the guy in charge of the beverages only brought one case of beer for fifty people. DUH!

i did end up carting the cup of veg home i the honda’s cup holder.  i was snacking on the asparagus en route. it was good.  traveled well.

temporary e-lifeforce doesn’t get the chance to be a mechanical hero.
April 16, 2008, 10:31 pm
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so the power went out at work today.  i was sitting on the floor in near darkness, eating chocolate and listening to the backups beep when the fed ex guy walked in.  i’m sure he’s seen weirder.

anyway, he started telling me about how he’s movin’ on in life.  he truly believes his girlfriend still has a “thing” for her ex and is tired of doing all the work.  relationship work and housework.

our delivery guys are pretty nice fellows.

we had enough power to keep the mail servers and such running for two + hours, but we weren’t sure how long the outage would be, so my boss purchased this!

it was very expensive.  he rushed back, filled it with petrol, got all the servers hooked up to it….and within 5 minutes, the power was back on.  can’t return it now!

we let it chill for a while, then it was his job to attach the tires, handle and feet.  it was my job to heckle him, fetch appropriate tools and be the merciless-pointer-outer-of-all-things-obvious.  i think i did pretty well, actually.

so, that was work….so far.

double dog: playing with elements
April 15, 2008, 6:33 pm
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i FINALLY had time to sit down and play with this new adobe photoshop elements program:

it can’t be all bad if you can make two cody bears! he’s chasing himself!

creatures of the night – nightvision blackberry cam
April 9, 2008, 5:37 pm
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so, being medicated and tucked into my quilt, i had my trusty blackberry, my trusty cat and my trusty dog with me in bed.

the blackberry curve has a camera with flash in it.  lets see how this feature stood up to late night, decongestant induced product testing.

first the dog, resting by my feet…

oooh. that is NOT suitable for framing.

now the cat, coming back to bed after taking her nightly sips from a scotch glass of water she must have on the bedside table…

creepy!  i’m not sure i want these critters sleeping with me!

ok, so the blackberry camera feature is NOT up to snuff, but i still LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!