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blessings from the marital buddha?
September 23, 2009, 2:16 am
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so…a list of highlights from friday’s wedding ceremony, perhaps?

1.  wore 3 inch heels…the right one broke after an hour.  i stuck the night out balancing on a dangling heel.

2.  the groom wore shorts.  not sure why i bought a new skirt and shirt….

3.  i may have abandoned my date for a few minutes to snuggle the wedding puppy.

wedding dog4. there were two crashers, my friend leslie (just kidding…she just changed her rsvp status!) and this little moth.

wedding crasher5.  the bride and groom are both professional photographers, (as were about 30% of the guests) so they decided not to hire a photog. instead they had a portable studio set up in the back and the guests triggered the shutter with their foot.  the lighting was good.  and…well, as you could guess…that little feature got busier and busier as more drinks were imbibed.

6.  i didn’t get any cake. 😦

7.  it was an open bar.  when i ran out of ones…i started tipping him with cookies i smuggled from the buffet area.

8.  the entire event took place under the watchful eyes of this jolly buddha.

marital buddhathat has to mean good fortune, right?

a fun time was had by all.

mothish bunnytype poll
July 27, 2009, 4:09 am
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yes or now?  doesn’t this moth sort-a kind-a teeny bit look a smallish little-bit like a bunny?  in the face?  sans the giant eyes?

yes or noi mean really…does he look scary?

it’s a sea cow. you know.
March 28, 2009, 9:41 pm
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hello everyone.

since i am going home to see my grandmother and the rest of my respectable family (cough) (dramatic pause) i thought it was a good idea to lose the wild shaggy blog vixen hair do and go back to cutesy.  ha ha just kidding: i know i’m not a vixen, but it was fun calling myself that.

so, before:

beforeit has been SO long since i’ve visited my family, they can use my after picture to spot me at the airport…


afteralso, i may get to meet a blogger friend and take some pictures of her dog when i’m home!

so,…here we are…in my bathroom.  that picture in the background is of a mom and a baby manatee, naturally.  and a paint chip from when i was toying with the idea of painting a small space a dark color.  wild woman.  “don’t you know that is decorating danger?”

i was just toying.  i’m keeping it white.

you may be wondering, “hmmm. wonder why the top of goodbear’s head is so bright….”  that is because i have a skylight in my bathroom.  i believe the feral cats huddle around said skylight during their midnight meetings where they plan on how to better torment my dog.  sounds like it anyway.

currently my bathroom is home to a large moth.  he was in the shower this morning and when i pulled the curtain back i didn’t know what it was right away….so i sort of half-screamed.  buzzy and r. have only been gone ONE DAY and i’m already scared of pollinators????  i miss you guys.   hope you’re having fun in your remote, pollinator haven with limited cell and internet coverage. sigh….

moths don’t aggravate me…
September 4, 2008, 2:50 pm
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here is another moth from our blacklighting adventure. a tiger moth!  grrr.

pretty, eh?

today, i am going to focus on nature and my dogs and friends.  this will keep me from getting aggravated about politics.

…i hope….

the moth whisperer…
September 1, 2008, 11:03 pm
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hello.  here are the first of some of last night’s nature shots….

hey there, you’ve got a moth or two…

i just met this guy t and his girl friend b last night.  man can he party….

…especially with moths!

pickles’ first nature quest
September 1, 2008, 2:00 pm
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let me just preface this by saying….my honda civic is not the ideal wildness vehicle.

ok. moving on.  a few friends and i went to the mountains yesterday to photograph caterpillars before sunset, then blacklight moths at dark.   i was going to be gone a long time so, “why don’t you bring pickles?”

as you all know, pickles loves eating thousands of moths just as much as the next dog, but how would she do in inclement weather with a nuerotic mom?

thanks for finally letting mah off the leash, mum!

thanks for finally letting mah off the leash, mum!

it rained for most of the time.  but pickles stomped throught it.  she played in the creek.  she gave hoju kisses.  when i finally let her off leash she was so good.  she came back everytime i called her.

now we folks were miserable.  (ok, not all of us. as usual, r and a.h. were cheery and on top of things)

sopping.  we were sopping.  finally l. broke down and had to put on the dirty mexican blanket i carry around in my trunk.  and while we moped and sipped our beers….r. baked a chocolate cake in his dutch oven over the fire he covered with a metal table. of course he did, right!

soggy friends

soggy friends

finally the rain stopped. the lights were turned on and soon we were visited by scads of beautiful moths. (i will show more later)

it was great fun and we got some good shots, then ate our delicious cake!  piled ourselves in to my honda and r.s truck, and  i clenched my teeth for the bumpy ride home. (my car will never be the same)

pickles did get bit by ants, but she is recovering. also, her pretty white scruff turned red from her wet collar.  poor gal.

here’s one of our nature buddies now:

i’m sure you’re all wondering where cody was during all of this.  he went to his bff’s house for the night.  poor guy got really scared from the thunder though, so didn’t have much fun. he would have HATED the nature event.  he would have just sat by the car door all night, glaring at me.  he’s kind of a city dog.

introducing: hubbard’s silk moth!

hi every body!

look what i found today!…

hubbard's silk moth caterpillar

the spines shimmer like platinum in the sun! it’s the hubbard’s silk moth caterpillar. i’m not home now, but i do have a picture of an adult moth that we lucked out to find on our fantastic bug night! (more here, too) on my pc at home. will post tomorrow.

the caterpillar’s body was fuschia and he had shimmery plates of silver. his head, tail and underbelly were a crayola type green.

i’m psyched with my find. i think it’s rare to find caterpillars in a world where we seldom look to the leaves. or in this case on the ground hiding in seed pods.

still enjoying housesitting. got their laptop to work a bit! loving animal planet’s mini marathon of animal cops and the dogs are all getting along so well.

night night.

hawk moth works it…
hawk moth

hawk moth

there have been mutterings….some folks don’t like the bugs on the blog.  but look at this beautiful hawk moth.  a nocturnal critter gettin’ the job done with the flowers!

does anyone know what type of flower that is?

blogging vicariously
June 18, 2008, 4:42 am
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i really want my sister to have a blog, but she says she’s too busy. and i bet part of her thinks she doesn’t have much to blog about.

so, i’m blogging on her behalf tonight:

she was outside…gardening….barefoot. and look waht she found in her flower bed!

a milk snake!

and look what she found at work:

an cecropia silk moth!

and of course, her kitty penny…

they want to make sure that the new rug and the new paint complement their beautiful kitty!


May 10, 2008, 6:47 am
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so a moth got in some how.  penetrated our critter free fortress.  this vexes the cat, who decides the ironing board is the best vantage point to track the interloper and launch an attack.

i’ll skip the many picks where she scopes the moth, gets angry with me for ruining her attack, or embarrasses herself with some fake lioness posing.

ultimately…she doesn’t get tired of moth scoping, but rather, she feigns exhaustion to get me to leave.

fine kitty. but i will wake up in the morning and curse you for hairing the ironing board.  and the moth will still be flitting around, taunting you and eating my clothes.  sleep well.