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daybreak at la casa de cody bear
September 29, 2009, 2:37 pm
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the birds are tweeting, the air is cool,

daybreakdust is rising because the paws are flying.  cody bear and pickles are running around the yard like loonies.

in other news, picky had a play date with her new border collie friend last night:

np4_edited-1np3_edited-1in other NOT so noteworthy news:

saw spamalot sunday. loved it!  i am having terrible allergies this week.  i’m having cocopuffs for breakfast.

and that’s life here today.


hide your trees everyone!
September 25, 2009, 5:51 pm
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oh you guys.  living with cody bear is always fun, i must say. 

every morning after breakfast he goes, what i call, h.o.p.  HELL ON PAWS.  runs like a lunatic through the back yard.  pounceing in front of me or pickles, spinning around, enticing us to chase him, attacking blades of grass.

looks like this most days:

tr pounce

this morning he’s running around then suddenly disappears behind an old, huge creosote bush.  then i hear this intense growling like he’s fighting for his life.  next thing i know, i hear a loud CRACK and he emerges from the scrub with a 5 foot long tree branch in his jaws.  and he’s running top speed through the yard.

i instantly foresee danger, but it was ok.  shortly after he ran by a folding lawn chair and it got caught.  he looked at it like, “ouch.  branch….why you hatin’?”

pickles freezes, looks at the branch like, “wow. that looked fun.” grabs it.  she got about 2 feet before she got it tangled in the drying rack and knocked my t-shirts into the dirt.  oh pickles!

cody with twig:

tr cb

pickles…wondering if she is going to have to hide from cody bear:

tr pick

ww – sit….it’s very kind.
September 24, 2009, 5:53 am
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kindness bench

powered by…banana boat
September 23, 2009, 7:14 am
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let me just preface by saying…we had agility tonight…and damn pickles was fast…faster than EVER!

11 hours ago:

i came home for lunch, like i usually do.  the dogs and i jumped on the couch for our greet, like we usually do.  something wasn’t right.

pickles armpits.   they were…wet.  they were….creamy.

what was that smell?


sun yum“mmm. i’ve been busy while you were at work.”

border collie puppies!  in their chewing stage, no less!

4 hours ago….agility class:

our first run.  i’m winded. doesn’t make sense. . . . i’ve been working out.

t says, “wow, pickles is moving faster than those agilty dogs at the trials. like lightening.”

it was true.  about 3 weeks ago i had resigned to having the worlds slowest border collie. tonight she was burning up the agility course.  apparently the lubricated doggie armpits are the key!

of course, she’s sacked out now…

sun restnot only was she fast…she was infallible.

one hour ago….

“but, is she ok?”

sun whatno worries cody bear.  in 6 hours she will be recharged and ready to romp with you in the back yard.

apparently we’re recharged for agility.  all three of us were fading out, but…maybe we’re back?

30 minutes ago…

“it’s on!!!”

sun playwelcome back pickles….

blessings from the marital buddha?
September 23, 2009, 2:16 am
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so…a list of highlights from friday’s wedding ceremony, perhaps?

1.  wore 3 inch heels…the right one broke after an hour.  i stuck the night out balancing on a dangling heel.

2.  the groom wore shorts.  not sure why i bought a new skirt and shirt….

3.  i may have abandoned my date for a few minutes to snuggle the wedding puppy.

wedding dog4. there were two crashers, my friend leslie (just kidding…she just changed her rsvp status!) and this little moth.

wedding crasher5.  the bride and groom are both professional photographers, (as were about 30% of the guests) so they decided not to hire a photog. instead they had a portable studio set up in the back and the guests triggered the shutter with their foot.  the lighting was good.  and…well, as you could guess…that little feature got busier and busier as more drinks were imbibed.

6.  i didn’t get any cake. 😦

7.  it was an open bar.  when i ran out of ones…i started tipping him with cookies i smuggled from the buffet area.

8.  the entire event took place under the watchful eyes of this jolly buddha.

marital buddhathat has to mean good fortune, right?

a fun time was had by all.

cody bear high fives me after a job well done.
September 21, 2009, 2:48 pm
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i was supposed to rest yesterday, given the cold i’ve been fighting.  thanks for bringing it to work boss!

so, i slept till 11:30.  played with the dogs for a little while.  nothing too strenuous, just tossed a squeaky toy, encouraged them to romp, etc.  but then it was time to finish painting the bed room.  my mom is coming next weekend and she gave me money to buy the paint.  i had to finish.  i still have a ten foot strip of trim, but other than that…i’m done!  i was afraid i would finish part of it then laze out of the rest!

you can see the “ballet white” of two of the walls on my hand here.

paintwhat? you can’t even focus on the wall in the background or the paint on my hand because cody bear is too distracting?  too cute?

i understand.

an update…from the supreme commander (cough cough)
September 15, 2009, 11:34 pm
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last night we went for a nice long bike ride after dark.  good stuff.  no one was on the streets because we went around 10:30.  it’s sort of good to get back into the ole habit!  i’ve been riding alot, even with the kombi in the shop.

in other news….i have a giganctic announcement!

ok, some of you know i’ve had a part time dog photography business on the side.  well, one of the photographers in the studio where i work is partnering with me and we’re offering the first full service dog photography business in our town!  she’s awesome!  30 years in the biz, unbelievable talent. cool, eh?  i will do all the on location stuff and she will do all the studio prints.  it has been really fun setting up our packages and getting our marketing materials in order.  wish us luck!

ho hum.  what else?  i have to go to a wedding friday.  i hate weddings, actually.  well, no…it’s receptions i hate.  the ceremonies are ok.  expect an update saturday, as i expect there will be some goofy things to photograph.

speaking of goofy things to photograph… there are ony 11 more shopping days till my birthday!  hello new macro! just kiddin’.

and speaking of “just kidding”….my boss ordered new business cards for me.  i’ve been here 4 years and never known what my job title is. well, the new cards say “supreme commander.”  watch out everyone!

back at you soon.

girls like shoes. but “like” like shoes dear kitty?
September 14, 2009, 5:43 am
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i love my cat but, ….she’s got some weird stuff goin’ on.   kittiosyncracies, if you will.

for instance, her shoe love.  i will often walk into the room and find her rubbing her face on my shoe.  slippers, flip flops, hikers, what have you.

shoecat1“oh yeaaaahhhh baby”

shoecat2“do you MIND?  can we have a minute here?”

cody bear’s special day
September 14, 2009, 12:47 am
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and then september 13th came.  that’s the day i found cody bear, a tiny little ball of fur in cage one at the humane society.  quiet and cuddly.  he was a giant fluffy head and a tiny little body.  and now he’s a gigantic bear!

anniversary bear

one who is quite used to having his picture taken.

anniversary bear2

a fuzzy dog who is very aware that he is cherished!

and happens to shed a bunch. oh well.

crunchy snack, cracky middle finger
September 11, 2009, 4:25 pm
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so, i have just finished breakfast:


you see, i can’t eat breakfast before 8:30 am.  i’ll get sick. so i eat breakfast in my office every morning.  check out my new desktop scanner in the back. i love it!  my old one kept jamming and everyone in the office knew when i was scanning because eff bombs would fly out of my office like angry bees from a hive.

moving on….here’s the news!

i have a broken finger.  it hurts very very much to type and it’s my right hand so photography has slowwwed down.

i am currently undergoing a long term argument with one of my best friends.  he wants me to go see the bats with him this weekend, and i don’t want to go. and he won’t drop it!  i LOVE bats…but not these bats.  these particular bats are rude and over marketed.  in fact, i will post a picture of one of his loser bats tonight and you can chime in on what jerks they are for blowing me off last week.

cody bear and pickles are doing great!  cody bear has to work tomorrow morning, and in the afternoon pickles has a huge border collie meetup play date.

i had been taking bike rides almost daily, but since i broke my finger i had to cut back.  sucks.  i’m going to save up for a new mountain bike because for some weird reason….i feel like i need 3 bikes instead of 2.  you’re sick, goodbear, sick.  but seriously…i would like to start riding in the country side.  fun!  only problem is … i don’t have any countryside biking friends…..

ok, get back to work everyone!  i”ll chat again soon!


and p.s.  breakfast was gross…