cody bear's friends

those girls sure love critters…..
July 24, 2009, 2:27 pm
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and so goodbear and buzzybeegirl found themselves at the botanical gardens one evening…..

they heard a buzzing.  more of a hum, or a whirrrrr.   hundreds of figeater beetles were visiting the garden that same night.

here they have found the motherload:  a juicey fig.

figeatermotherloadbut what’s this?

figeaters pasthow sad.  scads of dead fig beetles littering the ground be low.  as you can see, they are a striking metallic green.

there were other lovely critters, such as this resting fritilary butterfly…

butterflythey wandered through the grounds.  they chatted.  they attended a small chinese music concert.  they cursed themselves for leaving their “real” cameras at home.

but they were too hungry to last long at the concert.  they left to meet buzzy’s husband at a mexican restaurant and pigged out.  goodbear woke up the next morning second guessing her menu selection….

hope you like today’s bug shots!

and hope you have a nice friday!


meet tiny larry…
March 3, 2009, 9:03 pm
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today’s bees are very smalllll.

beeto illustrate how small these bees are i have taken a shot with a ball point pen next to the flower for reference.

pensee?  smallll.

here it alights in the shade of a flower:

alightand here it says, …”GET ‘ER DONE!”


i think it is a lasioglossum, but buzzybeegirl will probably have to correct me on that.


hey! you gonna plant that?
December 30, 2008, 6:07 am
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i really should have planted these guys weeks ago!


now that we’ve gotten our cheeky garlic shots out of the way, i have to give you some sad news:

most of my succulents have died from the terribly cold weather!  and you KNOW how much i love those guys!

i…i…i think i’ll be o.k.

rare muppet beetle!
August 23, 2008, 3:04 pm
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….on my paddle plant!

i don’t have time to find out what kind he is because i want to post a blog about the dogs then have to run out to the wildlife center, but….doesn’t he look like a muppet????

he’s one of the few beetles i’ve found in my yard that doesn’t have cody bear fur stuck to him! instead he has some sort of spider web stuck on his nose. messy guy.

what beatles song goes best with this insect?

update: it’s a weevil! i didn’t know they got that big! so he’s NOT a creature from fraggle rock. bummer.

the smallest wedding crashers

yesterday nuptials for r. and a.h. pretty much took all day.  it was great.  but, i have to go to puppy class with pickles, so don’t have time to post much.  will do more after our class, after a nap and before the housecleaning i intend to procrastinate before….

the smallest and very welcome guests at yesterdays garden ceremony…

i was officiating, and was the first to arrive, so i had time to snap some shots…

i couldn’t think of better wedding crashers for the couple: an entomologist and an ecologist/biologist.

it was the beginning of a beautiful and fun day.

nap on a bag and a busy bee
July 7, 2008, 2:47 pm
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well, since i can’t get my sister to start her own blog, i will just post some of her pictures.  this cat pic specifically needs to be seen:

penny is my sisters cat and she loves to sleep on plastic bags.  since my sister is painting the living room she had taken the mirror off the wall and penny fell asleep while gazing at herself!

here is a new york honey bee on a coriopsis in my sister’s back yard:

time to go to work, though….

mysteries of my back yard revelealed!
July 3, 2008, 1:57 pm
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since i got pickles, i’ve been getting up extra early and spending more time in the back yard so that she will build her cody bear confidence. i was like “what am i supposed to blog about today?” it’s always safe to blog about the doggity doggers, but, well maybe something different. so i’m wandering through the yard and i see these:

yes, last night was another night blooming cereus branch bloom and i didn’t even know it i saw them dieing. these were the last blooms of the year.

so then i snapped shots of things i DON’T like in my back yard. i love my back yard: it’s huge and wild and peaceful. but, there are these:

fire ants. they’re gone now. see how the dirt is reddish? that’s cinnamon. two days ago there was a mass of fire ants milling about. i put about a cup of cinnamon around the hole before work and while i was gone they moved to someone else’s yard.

other things i don’t like about my back yard:

the view of my neighbor on his chopper with his big sweaty stomach. the snotty, snotty pony-tail wearing engineer who lets his un-neutered, un-leashed dog pee and poo on cody bear’s fence, sending into a rage. the baby mesquite trees that have to pulled out with pliers because the roots are longer than the stems. i pulled out about 100 of them this week.

oh, and…the cicada in my pants!!! he got me again! i went to take my clothes off the line this a.m. and i put my hand right on him. he let out his murderous bug cry and went flying off….as i screamed and then succumbed to my fear giggles.

now,….time for cuteness:

pickles, digging her first hole!

and here’s cody bear, looking tired, wondering why we’ve been getting up so early, but still running!

looks good, smells nice, doesn’t sass back
July 3, 2008, 6:09 am
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wow. long day.  stuff happened. places were visited.  i’m to tired to expand on it.

BUT…i dooo  have pictures of flowers!

i burned my tongue really badly on a jalapeno that was both hot annnd hot.

and i may have overdosed on salad tonight!

also of note:  cody bear showed amazing strength tonight when the two dogs tried to attack him through the fence.  i lost my grip on the leash-he charged-i yelled stop-….HE STOPPED! dog is incredible, i swear.

we got new work polos this week!  and…they’re wrinkle free.  no ironing!  oh, and…my dishonest, disrespectful, disgusting coworker hasn’t been sacked yet.  que? porque?

yipe yipe yipe.
July 1, 2008, 1:50 pm
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it happened.

it was just a matter of time.

pickles got into the cholla.

and pickles is a screamer.

for those of you that don’t know what cholla is…

it hurts like hell and it really sticks in there. lots of spines and they don’t come out easy.  when a dog gets them in their paw you should pull them out with tongs or at the least thick gloves. which you will never have.

this plant is missing from dennis’ weed primer.

cody bear has gotten them on a walk once and it hurt but he kept it together long enough for me to use his leash to protect my fingers.  pickles let out a high pitched death cry. i had no choice but to grab it with my bare hand. oh…my….god.   there were still some spines that needed tweezing, but was pretty calm by then.

too bad, because she was finally getting her courage up and venturing into the outer regions of the yard.

this morning she actually ran a little!

she perked up alot once i came home with her own kiddie pool.

i’m exhausted today….

fruits of very little labor!
June 29, 2008, 3:11 am
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after i got home from volunteering, i took the pods out back to stretch their paws while i watered my thirsty plants.  i can’t believe it, but there is actually a baby tomato there, deep inside all the dense leaves!

oh…i hope the little thing makes it!