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puppy page
 here is cody bear at nine weeks.  i posted this page to show how much cody bear looked like eddie when he was a puppy!  especially in THIS VIDEO OF EDDIE!  please check it out.  (it flips me out how he looks and moves just like cody did!)






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Oh My God…THEY EVEN HAVE THE SAME PUPPY COLLAR!!! Wow, I can’t believe how much they look alike. The one of Cody Bear with the red collar had me doing triple takes cuz he looks like lil Eddie. WOW…they are twins!

Comment by Fluffy

i’m so glad you looked at the pics! i couldn’t believe it when i saw eddie’s videos…they have the same movements, too!

i can’t wait to see what eddie looks like when he’s 3 years old!!!

Comment by goodbear

Eddie and the other fluffy puppies are back on wordpress and we are so glad we found you again. Your family!

Wet slobbery kisses 🙂

Comment by wooftails

wooftails! you freaked me out! the fluffy bunnies and puppies were gone! glad you’re back!

Comment by goodbear

Awww! SO CUTE!!! As a puppy, he’s bigger than my Napoleon is at 5 monhts!

Comment by Nevis

How did I not see this before? What a cute puppy Codybear was! Still is!

Comment by TheAgedCat

i know. he was irresistible. he was so small, and now he’s a 47 pound bear!

Comment by goodbear

Precious Memories! I have misplaced Patch’s baby album and I am losing my mind trying to find it-aaaahhhhhhh! I was planning on scanning in his baby pics and I don’t know where I hid it-lol! I obviously hid it-I can’t find it!

Comment by Mercedes

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