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an update…from the supreme commander (cough cough)
September 15, 2009, 11:34 pm
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last night we went for a nice long bike ride after dark.  good stuff.  no one was on the streets because we went around 10:30.  it’s sort of good to get back into the ole habit!  i’ve been riding alot, even with the kombi in the shop.

in other news….i have a giganctic announcement!

ok, some of you know i’ve had a part time dog photography business on the side.  well, one of the photographers in the studio where i work is partnering with me and we’re offering the first full service dog photography business in our town!  she’s awesome!  30 years in the biz, unbelievable talent. cool, eh?  i will do all the on location stuff and she will do all the studio prints.  it has been really fun setting up our packages and getting our marketing materials in order.  wish us luck!

ho hum.  what else?  i have to go to a wedding friday.  i hate weddings, actually.  well, no…it’s receptions i hate.  the ceremonies are ok.  expect an update saturday, as i expect there will be some goofy things to photograph.

speaking of goofy things to photograph… there are ony 11 more shopping days till my birthday!  hello new macro! just kiddin’.

and speaking of “just kidding”….my boss ordered new business cards for me.  i’ve been here 4 years and never known what my job title is. well, the new cards say “supreme commander.”  watch out everyone!

back at you soon.


honda bad…kombi…good
February 8, 2008, 6:24 am
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disappointing  day.


cody bear’s biggest disappointment:  he had agility class tonight.  first time in two months. and of course the honda/lemon wouldn’t start.  i’m not allowed to put him in the company car.  i got him all worked up.  treats cut up, gear loaded in the car.  he was spinning and bouncing.  wagging. he had a huge doggie grin.  we get in the car….NOTHING.

again….i HATE my 2001 HONDA CIVIC.  ok, time to let the healing begin.

poor dog.  he had been so psyched.  we played and did training.  we went for a great walk AND his friend D came over for a few minutes.

i just want him to be happy because he has brought me so much happiness.

in other news:

as you read, the honda is still holding the driveway down.   this means i will have to rely on the kombi this weekend! i will ride that tiny norwegian bike to class on sunday, to the grocery saturday, and to the video store.  still wish i had my car though.

mom is continuing to heal, from what i’ve heard. will keep you posted!

i thought LOST was SO good tonight!  last week was a snoozer, but tonight….very good.  i dig miles. and charlotte.  and for those of you who don’t know….michael will be back for a few episodes this season!

ok, thats all. time to get writing!

car comes home, bikes won’t get dusty….i promise
January 12, 2008, 7:01 pm
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good news!  i am picking up my little car today from the shop.  a brand new transmission, one new motor mount and….lots of empty space in my checking account and savings account.  i will also bring back a smokin hot credit card!

here is what my parking spot looks like now.  please note that the insurance said the damage was not caused by the accident, like my mechanic said.  it was caused by poor maintenance and a long time leak.  note the pristine parking spot!


i have parked in that EXACT spot for 6 years.  exact spot….6 years….not one single smudge or puddle or stain ….at all.

oh well, time to let the healing begin.

i shall have this here cup of tea to calm my nerves and get me psyched to pick up my little car!


really, i’m ok.  it isn’t going to be as expensive as we initially thought, and the mechanic and his manager were so helpful and really worked hard to get me the best deal.  that is the best part, knowing i can trust my car in the hands of these folks!

so, …i do here by vow to keep using my bike to go to the grocery store as long as i don’t need to buy a 24 pack of toilet paper.  i’m not hard core enough to be seen pedaling my kombi through the city streets with a giant block of cottonelle.  i don’t think i’ll ever be that hard core…

point a to point b on paws, fancy rims, wheels

in transportation: (transPOORtation?)

as you may recall, while my car has been in the shop i have been driving the company truck. previously, i had a dainty carbon footprint, but the last two weeks…my carbon footprint has been mammoth. i’m not knocking it; i’m super thankful my boss let me use the truck. but today, on a work errand…. a huge garbage truck almost drove over the bed of the truck. i was trying to pull out into traffic….waiting for an opening….and the truck driver didn’t look. he backed up and backed up. i honked and honked. he stopped about 5 inches from completely crushing the back of the truck. my LAST day borrowing the truck and it was almost road kill.

now, on to more peaceful topics:


demonstrating peace: it is cody bear doing his paw to hand gesture. this paw motion followed some political news that hit my dog in his heart. cody bear’s political candidate was richardson and he had just heard richardson was dropping out of the race. he tried to convince me that i would have to vote for this guy because he had a gentle soul and a strong spirit. i still don’t know who i am voting for….but i have to say… as unsure as i am, if i had one vote to use AGAINST someone…that would be a no-brainer. i may propose the pres primary “negative vote” to congress in the next year or two. (not really)

moving on:


this is the cat on cody bear’s bed. i had to show this picture because she has had some less than flattering photos on the blog and i haven’t represented her fairly. she is NOT scary. she is a gentle cat with some idiosyncrasies. but she is alot smaller and alot friendlier than she has been represented.

and finally, in photography:


the best tip i got this year in regards to improving my pictures: don’t use the flash on your point and shoot digicam. flash sux.

this is cody bear tonight, with nothing but the back patio light. you can see it in his eyes: he is imploring me to stop telling him to stay and to let him go hunt cats. poor old cody bear.

one last note:

the dbs kombi lux. people…..there can NOT just be 3 people in the entire world owning these awesome bikes. (me, some guy name andreas and an australian researcher in norway) people people (leute leute) i implore you! if you have a dbs kombi bike…puh-lease leave a comment. do you love your bike? where did you get it?

ok, that’s all gang. have a great weekend!

kombi bike…the grocery getter
January 6, 2008, 4:55 am
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waiting to get the transmission fixed on my little car…thankfully i have two bikes to help me get by….

the grocery getter, my kombi bike:


i don’t live far from several markets, one organic health food mart, 2 super marts, and one combo dealy. i love my little norwegian bike and i still don’t know how it ended up in my hands(under my feet & seat!)

the basket holds plenty of veggies, goodies, even room to add a bottle of wine or something. so tonight i grabbed a canvas bag, hopped onto the kombi and went to the stoh!

i need to promise myself that when the car is fixed and back home….i will still use my kombi. i love it love it LOVE it! i want another one!

i chickened out! (need more pedal confidence)
January 4, 2008, 3:39 pm
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the dead transmission saga continues….

i have my bosses truck for a few days, but i was going to drive in with my trek in the bed, then cycle home.

i have never ridden in down town traffic and i was really nervous….after all, i only have the one working break, right?

well, i ended up talking to honda for 45 minutes and was running late so i didn’t have TIME to pack up cycling shoes/clothes, find a back pack, etc. so…..

i’m not peddling home. i’m a whimp! but, i am going to peddle to the grocery and all my other weekend errands, so that will help. by next week folks might confuse me with kevin bacon, from quicksilver. only slower and with pony tails.

dog questions transportation methods..
January 4, 2008, 2:13 am
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in the words of cody bear:


“really? are all these bikes necessary? lets just walk!”

dog geeks and cycle freaks
January 1, 2008, 8:12 am
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first of all, the dog/bear won! we squeased not one, but 2 walks in before the year ended…one on the “cusp.”


tonight’s agenda….

walk dog. (always the best part of any day)

head to bar for beers. (big fun…music…hops…)

stopped home for more beers. (d. didn’t like the italian red stuff!)


ride/cycle part way home with friend (d. great pal!) on KOMBI!


back home by11:50 so end 07 and begin 08 by walking cody bear. what could be better? there were tons of fire works at midnight; more than usual. and, while cody bear is far from being “bomb proof” he handles the bangs and booms of explosives pretty well.

he’s a brave guy, and probably could have made a great search and rescue dog,…but….he needs to play and snack and cuddle instead.

so, its 2008 and we have big plans. we want to coast through without any disaster, like 07. we know better than to expect too much!

a good saturday
December 9, 2007, 5:04 am
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(preface: cody bear is feeling MUCH better….more on that below)

well, today was my first full rest & recreation saturday in months and months. and….it was great. slept late and woke up to the sound of rain. the dog and the cat were nestled close. got up and gave the little furry ones breakfast. watched a rerun tv show on line and then touched base with friends on the phone. noon: time for a nap. i got into bed and the rain started falling hard on the skylight above the bed. my neighbor (whom i have never met) started playing my favorite hendrix tune on his electric guitar. the dog and cat and i dozed in and out while “little wing” and other tunes played behind the rain.

woke up and got this email from a friend:

debit or credit?

it is cody bear helping customers! “debit or credit?”

went to lunch by myself and pigged out at the vegetarian restaurant, then went and spent tons of money on food from two grocery stores for my new vegan diet. (ack! wish me luck)

met a friend to go shopping for mini dvd players, then to the grocery and when we parked we saw a local water feature, typically dry, was flooded from the recent rains!


we took a walk along the path and it was cold, but great.

now, back to cody bear…

i KNOW he’s feeling better. usually, when he isn’t feeling well, when a dog barks at him on his walk he gets all ornery. tonight he was barked at many times but just ignored the dogs and wagged. took him for two walks and each time he was bouncy and waggy. SO glad he is feeling better!

the day wouldn’t have been complete with out a kombi ride with some great music on the ipod.

i know it wasn’t an exciting day, but i am the most rested i have been in months and it was just such a pleasant day without any work or volunteering or stress. much needed good day.

what was the hendrix tune, you ask? “little wing”….it always reminds me of loki.

breaks?? nahhhh! who needs em?
December 5, 2007, 5:17 am
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remember the other day when i showed you my new trek?…..and i said i didn’t think i was ripped off?……

yeah, well, see this rear break here:


well, ….it doesn’t work.

….at all.

tonight i took the trek out. it was really smooth and much more quiet than the kombi. (which, thanks to blogger andreas i learned is a tricky two speed with out a gear shift on the handle. you use the pedals. crazy stuff. crazy. thanks andreas)

anyway….it was surprisingly comfy and smooth….too bad about the whole “not stopping well” thing.