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antihistamines, …naturally
March 31, 2008, 6:26 pm
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 here cody bear demonstrates how i feel today.


its spring and pollen season is beginning.  i can already tell its going to be a bad year.  the only allergy med that works for me….benedryl.  even the non-drowsy makes me drowsy. no worries, i won’t be operating any heavy machinery.  ‘cept my car.  oh dear.

i’m so thankful cody bear and spree don’t have allergies.  i would hate for them to have itchy eyes and a snuffly nose.

his yawn is more out of boredom than empathy.

sleepy pets on a cushy bed
March 31, 2008, 4:21 am
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one of my favorite paintings is wyeth’s “master bedroom”.  in fact, should i pass away any time soon, that painting goes with cody bear to my best friend’s house.

i love it when my pets sleep on the bed with me.  i rest better with them.


as tired as the dog looks here….


if i were to grab my new balance instead of my canon, he’d be bouncing out of bed and wagging.

and while it looks as if he’s wandered miles today…


he hasn’t run or walked or played as much as he wanted to today.

such pretty things… (?)
March 31, 2008, 2:12 am
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so today i went to a client’s house. a client who has become a friend. it was so cool to spend time at her house because she has some incredible art pieces and great furniture.

but…i’m not going to show you those. i’m going to show you the lizard her new cat caught while we were working:


yes, you do see a super fat antique emerald there. cool reptile, who got a reprieve, and a cool ring. it’s not every day you see a women with an emerald and a perfect manicure pick up a critter without hesitation.  i was impressed!


she has put some glass paperweights in the sun on a sundial ashtray stand. (not a smoker)


this broken neon sign made me want to go home and clean. but…i had to work instead.

and, last but not least, magnet statements:


so…that was my morning! thanks for stopping by!

where’s cody bear?
March 30, 2008, 12:59 am
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 see him?


see him now?


how bout now?


here he is!


ornery dog, just chill…
March 29, 2008, 6:48 pm
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cody bear knows he is in the proverbial dog house.  last night’s cat chase started things, but this morning’s behavior sent me to my car to drive to the bagel shop so that i could vent to a friend (instead of to cody bear) about what a bad dog he was this morning, barking aggressively at the friendly neighborhood senior citizen dog.

cody absolutely hates that dog.  we can walk by other dogs, some even barking at him, but when he sees that old dog he goes NUTS.  puppyhood memory?

anyway, he knew i was mad, even though i left the house. i was that mad.

here he is…trying to soften me up by seeking his comfort zone:


he then made himself as cuddly as possible so we could start the forgive and forget process of the day:


i have high expectations of my dog, so sometimes i just have to say, “ok, he barks.  fine, he isn’t the neighborhood sweetheart.”  people see him like this and say “he needs training” not knowing that he knows more tricks than any dog i’ve ever met, and if it weren’t for wanting to chase cats and being scared of dogs, he really is perfect.  he does great at agility, is one of the best dogs there, and always the star of his dog school classes.  but i have to stop doing that.  that there, defending him.  he’s a dog.  he isn’t perfect.  he’s been attacked alot in his past, so its only natural he doesn’t trust every dog he meets.

but he is cute.  and he loves me.  he protects me.  he makes me and my friends laugh.

and i don’t mind the shedding.

i just hate that people think he’s a jerk.  he’s come very far.  i used to not be able to walk him at all.  two years ago if he saw ANY dog he would go ballistic.  now, most people don’t even know he was ever like that.  so, i guess that’s saying something.  and he’s always ornery when his stomach hurts. oop, there i go again.

big moth
March 29, 2008, 4:53 pm
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atlas moth.  6 or 7 inches across.

he just came out of his crysalis yesterday, so he’s groggy and cooperative:


butterfly grudge, and bee obsession
March 29, 2008, 4:51 pm
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i don’t know why i’ve become so obsessed with getting a good bee shot!  all i know is…i felt alot safer shooting bees than i did with those crazy butterflies yesterday!

here’s a bee…


he’s been very industrious all morning, totally ignoring the crazy dog running around below.

and here’s a preening dove.  i took this picture while waiting for the bee…


he’s a cute bird, i guess.  he’s not flying at my lens like that crazy blue morph butterfly.

i guess i should let that go.  time to let the healing begin….