cody bear's friends

and so we moved….
January 1, 2012, 8:24 am
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we’re in the new house!

spree loves the house. that surprised me. i thought the 16 year old cat would be peeved.

but no.

pickles is fin. she loves the place. and after almost a year of horrible illness, she’s romping around like a nut!

but cody bear? he doesn’t like it?  he misses his yard. his stuff.  the things he barked at.

he hates the dogs that bark on the other side of the new fence and the lack of stuff to watch out the window.

but we’re going to work him through it…..

so here’s to 12.   home improvement. healthy dogs.  more successful business and lots of loving friends!



all natural. readily available. crunchy.
October 22, 2011, 6:23 am
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oh my GOD a STICK!

should i be sad that there is nothing in this world that gets me as excited as my dogs get when they see a random 14 inch piece of tree branch?

i mean….i love a good meal with friends, an outrageous sale price is nice, a pint of guinness always hits the spot, but NOTHING gives me the wide opened eyed joyous “holy shit” look on my face that the dogs get with a stick or a piece of beef or a new squeaky.

check out pickles….

also, they’ve got the “no worry” thing down.  mommy foots the vet bill, food bill, pharmacy bill…which is high.  at the end of october vet bills will be more than….$1600/month.

so keep smiling pickles. keep grabbin’ those sticks cody bear.  just please….stop eating dangerous shit and chasing things that will bite you.  that’s all i ask. that and for cuddling and some laughs each day.

and thanks.

a twig in the mouth and a pepper in the roll….
January 27, 2011, 10:59 pm
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so life has been happening.  lots and lots of life.  good and bad; mostly good.

but i’m back.  i will say…there has been alot of eating, visits to the vet and frantic life happening in the last few months.

the best breakfast ever was discovered:

hash browns on green chili sauce with a chili relleno breakfast burrito.  (i could only eat half)

insects are still being found:

and while cody bear had a bit of roughness in the past year, he’s back and better than ever:

ever playful, ever loving.

and his faithful sidekick is still doing great and making us all happy:

what a sweet baby pickles!


pickles doesn’t care about shin splints. why should she?
July 2, 2010, 5:23 pm
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….we’ve been running again, the dogs and i. nothing funny about that, right? first of all, border collies do NOT respect the practice of stretching. apparently they don’t need to stretch so …why should anyone else?

but if i don’t stretch properly i get shin splints. must…stretch…fastidiously. so, i get down, start doing the stretches and puppykin comes up with a full body wag and jams her head under my chin and tries to push my head up. she growls and pushes and wags. i move to another stretch: more growling and pushing and wagging. her whole body wiggling, her little paws dancing up and down in excitement. she gets me laughing so hard, then she starts jamming her muzzle in my pony tail. growl. wag. meanwhile cody bear is about to explode, he’s so excited. you see…he thinks running is hunting.

so dangerous running with these two. every time cody bear sees a tiny animal i have to brace myself for “trials of life”. last week we were running towards a pomeranian. we didn’t see it and we were running very fast to cross the street before being hit by a car. said pomeranian starts SCREAMING in this otherwordly pitch. my dogs went bonkers, pulled me across the rocks where i took a face plant in a grassy area. the lady wouldn’t move away,she just stood there holding her pommy while i pulled and tugged at my dogs. she was frozen, looking down at me as the wires to my ipod strangled the life out of me….and just then….the sprinklers went on.

here they are with their game faces on.

“what up g?”

now, i’m totally addicted to i’ve got all our jogs and all our dog walks mapped out to the exact hundredth of a mile.

it’s been in the high 90s when we go so hydrating is very important. (note, one should not do a wine tasting before running in 98 degree heat) also, it’s dark. thankfully noah gave me a flashing bracelet from the “three olives vodka company”. (classssyyyy) makes it easier for the drunk guys to spot you and shout their “damn you look good” at you as they walk into circle K for their next 12 pack. sigh.

last night’s play list: “butterfly” – crazy town (i like running to one hit wonders), “not an addict” – k’s choice, “all mixed up” – 311 and “leave home” – chemical brothers.

April 8, 2010, 9:51 pm
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a kiss upon greeting….

toy invasion…of sorts
February 21, 2010, 5:55 pm
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i had stashed all the excess dog toys in pickles crate while the floors were being mopped yesterday.

there was a tiny sound of dissatisfaction behind me while i watched a movie last night.

you see, pickles likes to nap in her crate when the evening activities are over but it isn’t quite bed time yet…


“sad really.”

eyewitness report!
February 13, 2010, 5:15 am
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innnnocent, miss pickles???? i think NOT!

cody bear is innocently running around the yard….hunting cats…..and you clearly have your jaws poised above his withers.

what do you have to say for yourself???

February 10, 2010, 5:41 am
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strange things are afoot at casa de cody bear.

first of all, you all know how cody bear HATES being dirty? he loves his bath, freezes at the site of a mud puddle, requires a clean doggie bed.

well….what is THIS????

with a smile on his face, cody bear has been frolicking…in the mud!

even though we know there is another storm coming tomorrow that will fill the back yard with mud, he still got a bath tonight.  i’m pleased to say he was all wags when he heard he was going to the dog wash.  and he’s been loving his new clean self.

still….the mud puppy seemed to delight in filth for the first time in his 5 plus years. sigh.

then…i came home for lunch today and somehow the laundry had found a way to spread itself allll over the bedroom floor. nothing was damaged….merely rearranged.

but the weirdest part?  at lunch i walked in and the dogs were spastic.  wagging and spinning.  cuddling me like i was a celebrity.

now, i don’t let them in the back yard just like that, you know.  they know that when i go to open the door to the yard, they sit and wait until they’re ok’ed: first cody bear, then pickles.  i give cb the go ahead and he tears out of there like a side of beef is waiting.  i turn to pickles and . . . as sassy as you please….miss picky punk BARKS at ME!  “what?”  followed by a series of impatient and entitled barks follow.


i just shut the door.  where did THAT come from miss sassy pants?  “don’t you get lippy you little mini muffin!”

all seems to be normal now.  the dogs are resting.  i’ll get up to go to bed soon and they will follow me in and stare at the bed or curl up on a doggie mat.

we’ll see what they have in store tomorrow!

maybe cody bear will be scared of mud again….

a very distinguished gentleman, naturally
February 5, 2010, 10:55 pm
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you may have noticed a certain bear is getting ….um…greyish.

but it doesn’t seem to bother him.  he’s not a very vain cody bear.  plus, he still acts like a playful, young dog.  also, i still think he gets cuter every day!

now here he is in may of 06:

a pretty bear with a black muzzle.

he certainly isn’t slowing down any, just becoming more dashing.

“but we already have great quads”
January 15, 2010, 4:36 pm
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true, true cody bear and pickles.  you’re in great shape.

we’ll just continue walking.

lately i have only been walking the dogs together.  i need to do some separate walks, too.  one on one time with mom.  face time with cody bear. female bonding with pickles.

what have you.