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chic food?
January 12, 2009, 2:16 pm
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yesterday, while i was at work, my best friend came over to my house with his dog to go for a walk with pickles.  hannah and pickles are pretty good friends.


no one else has ever taken their picture before, so he confused them a little.

here is one of hannah’s toys in her parents’ back yard…


an armadillo!

i just learned the other day that he eats yogurt, daily. (not the armadillo. . . . my best friend) it surprised me because i always considered yogurt a chic food.  i didn’t know there was chic food until my own startled reaction to his news.

if you’re a guy,….do you eat yogurt?  regularly?

what are the other chic foods?  or am i just a loony?


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My HF eats yogurt everyday in his lunch and has for years. Yuck…..I’ll stick with Fancy Feast.

Comment by pennycat

And I’m sure you can just see all of us guys sitting around saying “That’s two point conversion good”, “That’s free lap dances at the strip club good” etc.

I do know what you mean. I was a little taken aback when I’ve gone out to lunch with co-workers to a hamburger place and had guys order salads.

I eat my yogurt quietly at home. I did have a snack of hummus today as well (from some female co-workers snack break).

Comment by Dave & Hannah

“The Sexual Politics of Healthy Eating” : there’s the next Psychology Today top story.
Chic food? Some sitcom I saw once had something about goat cheese and arugula pizza. Is that a contender?

Comment by lavenderbay

that pizza definitely sounds very femme!

Comment by goodbear

I like yogurt! Especially Stonyfield Farm cream-top vanilla truffle yogurt. Mmmmmmmm …….

In that picture, Cody Bear looks like he’s thinking, “Who’s boiling cabbage?”

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

My hubby likes yogurt. I miss all of the yogurt varieties from the U.S., esp. Stonyfield. It’s the perfect healthy snack.

Comment by stilllifeinbuenosaires

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