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grouchiness is good.
March 28, 2008, 5:13 am
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my grouchiness saved my life today. it’s true.  i was in the car alot, work errands and such.  people were driving 25mph in 35mph zones, forgetting to DRIVE when the light turned green.

so,….i’m at a red light, left hand turn lane.  the light turns green and i’m hangin’ at the red arrow.  light yellow, arrow red: one car goes through.  red light green arrow, my foot off the break, car speeds through.

…instead of proceeding i flip out. that’s IT! that’s the last straw.  i should have stepped on the gas, and the folks behind me were probably cursing at me.  i bang the steering wheel and start swearing, certain i look like homer simpson’s dad.  next car, red light, MY green arrow, speeds through.  if i hadn’t reached my limit and been having my temper tantrum….i, as well as my car, would be pretty dented right now.

so, see people, being cranking isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing.

things that irked me today:  slow drivers, red light runners, wayyy toooo much cologne on coworker i had to go on work errand with, allergies,


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I like how you ended this entry with a comma!

Comment by lavenderbay

I hope the weekend is cologne and slow driver free! (said the woman who is avoiding the hordes coming for the Cherry Blossoms, the National Marathon and the opening of DC’s new stadium)

Comment by TheAgedCat

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