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i’m not budging on this!
October 3, 2008, 5:28 pm
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it is nu-cleeeee-ar people.  check out what wikipedia says about this.

it even lists the politicians and other educated people that choose to say this word in a way that is rubbing my nerves raw.


gotta get back to work…

low marks from the canadian judge…
September 2, 2008, 12:42 am
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so i took pickles to her first agility trial today.  just as a spectator. she’s too young to compete…and….i don’t know what the hell i’m doing.

anyway.  we’re sitting there, minding our own business.  in between trials.  all alone on the bleachers.  pickles had just had her second play period with one of her biological siblings, so she was kind of winded.

and this lady walks up and here’s what went down:

“how old is your pup?” pet pet pet

“4 1/2 months.”

“she’s fat.”

ok.  she then begins telling me that i feed my dog too much, that pickles is going to have problems with her joints, etc.  i say my vet says she’s fine. “they always say that.”

she continues to tell me how i’m over feeding my puppy and that she has 3 border collies and they were never this fat, till i say, “thanks for your opinion.  who are you?”

“i’m one of the judges. i’m from canada.”

first of all, pickles isn’t fat.  she’s a puppy.  with a puppy belly. as a puppy, one day she looks chubby, another day she’s all awkward and gangly.  second of all.  don’t just walk up to a complete stranger and insult their dog and tell them they’re shitty pet owners cuz their dogs are going to have joint damage if you don’t start feeding them less.  mind…your…own business.

i just took this pic 5 minutes ago. as you can see, pickles is not morbidly obese.

so, anyway….i got to thinking….of COURSE she thinks pickles is too fat….for a border collie puppy.  ha HA. see that’s where the jokes on you canadian judge. pickles is a border collie shepherd MIX, with who knows what else.  she has NEVER been as dainty as the other border collie puppies she knows.  not all breeds are that skinny.

so, dumb stupid judge…you can’t even tell an imposter border collie!  fooled ya!

oh, and here is her royal dainty-ness now, the judge from canada who has saved my dog from arthritis and heart disease….


“he’ll get what’s coming to him.” they all said
June 27, 2008, 2:43 pm
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remember my coworker? the one that is rude to me?  the one that doesn’t listen to me because i’m a stupid woman?

welllll, i told him when he started not to park in front of the shop, especially on rainy days….

mentiroso perezoso
June 26, 2008, 6:30 am
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the day….

7:30 am show up at foster’s house to take puppies and the mom to vet. good luck pickles.

8:15 drive to work worrying about new puppy’s surgery!

8:45 omitted

12:00 lunch with cody bear. very fun.

1:00 omitted

1:30 to 3:30 omitted

3:30 omitted

3:45 omitted

4:00 omitted

4:50 omitted

4:51 omitted

4:58: 5:05 and 5:15 i call and leave message for omitted

5:30 omitted


and you know what…..? i could omitted for complaining….

more later, i need to close this and compose a cuter post!

i do quickbooks!
June 10, 2008, 6:15 pm
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hi.  so, i thought i would expand on the office dynamic, continuing on earlier post of the sit-chee-ation.

i believe my coworker lied because….he didn’t know how to test the drive.  so he stuck me with it and left, contrary to what our boss told him to do. but here’s the deal….

I DO QUICKBOOKS!  i’m in charge of ordering things, billing, being cheery to customers, making the boss laugh.  that’s my job.  2 years ago i offered to learn about building the pcs and installing software or testing them to help the guys out when they’re busy.

i’ve learned tons, and with the exception of this guy, things here are grand.  i get many perks from the boss:  mostly gadgets, pc related items, time off. last month i got a 2+1 port firewire card!  woo hoo!  AND a 4 GB compact flash card for my canon! (no you dih’nt…oh yes i did!)  but this guy makes a few grand more than i do a year, so he needs to learn how to do his job.

the boss has already determined his skills aren’t what he said they were in the interview.

so, i’m going to play it cool.  it is hard dealing with the woman-hater glances, the lies and the refusals to do what i tell him, but if he doesn’t start stepping up soon, well….who knows.

as long as i have you guys to vent to, i won’t be the complainer at the office. so thanks people.  thanks from the bottom of my internet connection!

today….is sucking
May 29, 2008, 5:23 pm
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i had a feeling it would.

1. woke up and couldn’t get dog to go outside because of last nights trauma.

2. got to work and hear a loud noise, run to the window.  a motorcyclist wrecked.  the cops were already there for something else so he got quick response.  (and probably a ticket, too) he was going really fast, but thankfully was wearing a helmet.  his leg was broken, i’m sure. he was crying out in pain.

3. i’m supposed to finish a project, but….there are no parts.  my boss didn’t order enough parts and the project has to be done today for the client.

4. oh, and i have to sit down and talk to my boss about what a d-bag my coworker is being.  my boss has been telling me to tell coworker to do things….but….if it comes from me….he blatantly ignores it. won’t even touch the job/return the message/what have you.

5.  my boss will think i’m imagining it.

so….someone, please leave a joke in the comments.



the whiner

regarding mindy, dog treats, china and the american manufacturing monster
May 14, 2008, 3:41 am
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So welcome to my least wordless Wednesday ever! That’s because I’m talking about…chicken stips! The toxic kind. I know you guys like short posts, but if you have dogs, please read this whole post.

Many of you have been following the news of Mindy, my friends’ dog who is battling kidney failure. )You can read past posts by typing in Mindy in my search bar to the left).

As I mentioned earlier, she’s holding steady, but I was going to post tonight, not about her, but the chicken strips and the pet food recall in general.

I won’t rehash the history, but to sum up, where we stand now there is a problem with the pet food our dogs are getting, which may be indicative of more. So here are some facts.

* mindy has gotten kidney failure.

* her two food sources are blue buffalo dog food, an all natural, made in America dog food with NO complaints against it, and the Costco chicken strip dog treat distributed by kingdom pets.

* there are multiple complaints of the chicken strips causing kidney failure on line.

* there is already an existing history of dangerous pet products from ingredients from china.

* I’m not Chinese, nor am I un-American.

Here’s what is happening. There are American corporations manufacturing these products in China using Chinese materials and the Chinese workforce. And they’re saving money. Not only are they endangering our pets, but we’ve seen horrible evidence of children’s toys with lead. We all blame the Chinese, but let’s remember that these are American plants with plant managers who have gone there to save money. These American companies w

BACK TO THE TREATS! Tonight I went shopping at Trader Joe’s. They appeared to discontinue their chicken strips months ago, but I saw some on the shelf today. (I go weekly) I approached the manager with doubt, as I will mention another experience next. I said, “You may not care, but these chicken strips are made in china and I have a friend whose dog is dieing because of pet treats manufactured in china. Will you please consider taking these off the shelves?”

The manager looks at me, totally serious, and says, “Absolutely. We are phasing out every product from China. These shouldn’t be on the shelves.” It was that easy.

THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO. Take the product to the manager and ask them to stop selling them.

Granted, it doesn’t always go so well. I went to Wild Oats, where people trust their food is healthy. I approached the manager and she said she would talk to the district manager. I asked her to take my number but she wasn’t interested.

But don’t let that discourage you. People trust that pet foods being sold now are safe; that since the recall is over the danger is gone. And we trust that these health food stores all know the ingredients, but they don’t. and they may not care.

Back to Mindy. Costco AND Kingdom Pet contacted my friend R. when the word got out to them that several hundred shelter volunteers were informed not to by treats at Costco. At first they treated r like he was just confused and there wasn’t a problem. “no one has ever complained before” then he learned r had a Ph. D. in biology and next thing you know….the manufacturer is calling. When R asked what the “seasonings” were…she couldn’t tell him. She said sodium. Sodium chloride, which is salt, or sodium nitrate, which damages kidneys? She couldn’t tell him.

I guess you’ve stopped reading by now, but if you’re still reading, you’re concerned about your pet’s diet. So thanks for reading. More later.

More fluffy positive blogs, too!

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and concern. It’s so appreciated!